10 Funniest *New* New Year’s Eve Cards from Someecards

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Emphasis on somewhat.

We here at Babble love the gang over at someecards for being able to make us laugh at any occasion, and New Year’s is no exception! I’ve combed through their newest ecards poking fun at our futile attempts to stick to resolutions and our sad need to party like rockstars even though we’re parents now and picked the 10 that made me laugh the hardest. Enjoy, and Happy New Year, everyone!

  • My new year’s resolution … 1 of 10
    My new year's resolution ...
    is to stop lying to myself and actually *make* some lifestyle changes.
  • It’s like… 2 of 10
    It's like...
    ...looking in a mirror.
  • Hi, boss? 3 of 10
    Hi, boss?
    Since I'm not getting a raise in 2013, you failing is the only way I can make a little extra money. Thanks. 'preciate it.
  • But… 4 of 10
    but... the cookies... they were everywhere I went...
  • Better bad decisions. 5 of 10
    Better bad decisions.
    I am fully on board with this.
  • So… 6 of 10
    It's 11 o'clock... what are we doing? Nothing? Cool.
  • Yeah, let’s. 7 of 10
    Yeah, let's.
    What was that thing I said about not lying to myself?
  • It’ll be fun! 8 of 10
    It'll be fun!
    I promise!
  • Go ahead… 9 of 10
    Go ahead...
    ...blame the kids.
  • Whew! 10 of 10
    Thank God that's over and things can get back to "normal."


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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