13 Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far)

THIS. This is what Twitter is for. Not for staying in touch with people, not for staying on top of the news, and certainly not for updating us with moment-to-moment photos of your lunch. (No, not even if you reproduced Rachel Ray’s Caprese Salad perfectly. Not even then.)

Twitter is for flooding the Internet with the best possible one-liners when anything happens in pop culture. And the birth of a royal baby is exactly the kind of pop culture that spawns a slew of puns and jokes, all neatly tied up into 140-character bundles.

Behold, the funniest #RoyalBaby tweets–so far.


  • This is why the Internet was invented. 1 of 14
    The Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    Okay, it's at least why Twitter was invented. Click the arrows to scroll through the funniest of the #RoyalBaby tweets so far!

  • The only good crowning joke. 2 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) -- via Babble

    Only Ellen could make crowning funny. Because in real life that shizz is SO NOT FUNNY.

    Follow Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter.

  • Still shopping for a teeny-tiny Sorting Hat. 3 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) -- via Babble

    One thing is for sure: the royal baby will certainly not strut about the castle.

    Follow Professor Snape on Twitter.

  • There are already more than a thousand. 4 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) -- via Babble

    Dear Twitter Users, remember that your parody accounts have to actually be funny if you want someone to follow them.

    Follow Chuck Wendig on Twitter.

  • Well, except the kids. 5 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) -- via Babble

    And the pizza delivery guy. So, you know, we'd still have to interact with some humans. But still, I like where Heather's going with this. 

    Follow Heather Spohr on Twitter.

  • Unless it’s a girl. 6 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    If it's a girl, I'm hoping they name her Latifah. 

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  • I’m so excited I could pee. 7 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    Oh, wait, that's just the damage done by four babies stomping on my bladder in utero.

    Follow Jennifer Mendelsohn on Twitter.

  • Pfft. 8 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    Unless a crapton of Cheerios, flattened Capri Sun bags, and a couple of binkies rolled out of the car when they opened the minivan door, they are not yet in "parent mode."

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  • Naming a baby is no joke, sir. 9 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) -- via Babble

    You can't just name a baby based on what would be cute when she's a baby. You have to think down the road to when she's queen. So Amidala would obviously be the better choice here.

    Follow Death Star PR on Twitter.

  • Version Number Eleventy Million of this Meme 10 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    There are approximately eleventy million variations on this on the Interwebz right now. I appreciated the crappy PhotoShop job on this one the most.

    Follow Konnor O'Bara on Twitter.

  • Just sayin.’ 11 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    FYI, I'm okay with more naked Prince Harry, actually.

    Follow the parody account Prince Charles on Twitter.

  • I’m a little fuzzy on the history. 12 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    No, it had something to do with being charged too much tax for my chai tea when the girl at Starbucks can't even spell my name right.

    Follow Karen Tumulty on Twitter.

  • Yes, that’s exactly how it works. 13 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    Little known fact: The blue smoke is actually inhaler mist, because all the entertainment reports are hyperventilating right now. 

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  • I don’t remember the wedding being so…red, though. 14 of 14
    Funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets (So Far) - via Babble

    So much better than being real life Twilight.

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Update: The Royal Baby is here! Find 12 more of the funniest #RoyalBaby Tweets right here.

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