10 Great Baby Names For May Births

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The month of May is a wonderful time to pick a seasonal name for your baby.

Spring babies. There is nothing like having a baby in the spring, I imagine.

My first two children were summer babies and until you’ve been past your due date walking up and down the streets of Brooklyn, begging the labor gods to let this baby be born because you just can’t take it anymore as you sweat under the 90+ humid degrees, you really haven’t had a summer pregnancy. My last child was born in December and it was blissful, and although since it was so cold, strolls in the streets with a newborn weren’t abundant.

So I’ve always thought that with spring babies, you had the best of both worlds. Some people like to choose seasonal names for their child to commemorate the time of year they born. The month of May is an especially good month to consider a seasonal name.

Here are 10 names you might want to ponder if you are having a May baby, courtesy of Nameberry:

1. Macy

2. May/Mae

3. Maeve

4. Mason

5. Maize

6. Maple

7. Mavis

8. Maida

9. Maise

10. Mame

Click here for the full list.

Did you name your baby after a season or month?

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