10 Hilarious Comics About The Internet That Are LOL Funny

If you’re reading this post right now you are a part of the generation of humans who were the first to use MySpace, YouTube, Facebook…

It’s been wild ride, hasn’t it?

From ye olde skool AOL chat rooms (after your five minutes of dial-up horribleness) where it was just as likely you were chatting with your next-door neighbor or a Nigerian prince (or the Nigerian prince was actually your next-door neighbor) to learning emoticons and acronyms and the various other keyboard communications the Internet ushered into existence.

Today, as it happens, I was surfing the Internet while my kids were napping and, on BuzzFeed, came across the funniest comics about being online that I’ve ever seen. You will LOL, I promise.

Check them out.

  • Someone Is Wrong On The Internet 1 of 10
    Someone Is Wrong On The Internet
    Don't respond! You will never be right either!
  • TGIF? 2 of 10
    Perhaps the saddest LOL of all.
  • Wanna Be My ‘It’s Complicated?’ 3 of 10
    Wanna Be My 'It's Complicated?'

  • You May Skip This Ad In :5 Seconds 4 of 10
    You May Skip This Ad In :5 Seconds
    Empires rise and fall in the time it takes a YouTube video to start.
  • That Was The Most Inspirational Quote I’ve Ever Read 5 of 10
    That Was The Most Inspirational Quote I've Ever Read
    I feel so motivated. And thirsty. Where did I put that bag of Doritos?
  • Just One More! 6 of 10
    Just One More!
    Wait! Just one more! You're going to die over this one. Oh, oh! And have you seen the dogs on the backyard waterslide? Or the one where the lion meets the trainer?! Wait, one more!
  • 40 years later… 7 of 10
    40 years later...
    Another sad one. Are we all destined to be the fat people in Wall-E?
  • The Trouble With Automatic Email Signatures 8 of 10
    The Trouble With Automatic Email Signatures
    Sorry to hear about your dad's passing. He was a great man. Tootles! Typos brought to you by my iPhone!
  • Modern Friendship 9 of 10
    Modern Friendship
    An internet friendship flow chart.
  • Facebook Pie Chart 10 of 10
    Facebook Pie Chart
    Ain't it the truth? We're all assholes.

For 15 more hilarious Internet comics click on over to BuzzFeed!

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