10 Ideas for Getting Easter Candy Out of Your House

Every couple of months another holiday hits and my house gets inundated with candy. If there’s one thing that me, my husband and our three kids DON’T need – it’s a houseful of sugar. The funny thing is, I barely give my kids any candy for Easter. But then you have the grandmas and egg hunts and the parties and the other sources I never anticipate and we end up here. With a huge bag of candy that I don’t want.

So here’s my plan, let each kiddo pick five treats and then donate the rest. And I’m doing it today. There are lots of options for donating Halloween candy (Stephanie P. did a great post on it) but fewer official programs and options in place for Easter.  In early November you can donate to the troops or your dentist may buy your candy back.  But you have to get a little more creative this time of year.

So here are some ideas for getting all that Easter candy out of your house and into the hands of folks who will appreciate it:

1. Drop it off at the Firehouse.

2. Or the local Police Station.

3. The local Food Kitchen (call first, though).

4. Homeless Shelter or Drop-in Center (again, call first).

5. Do you live in a college town? Try frat houses or student centers.

6. Freecycle.

7. A local military Recruiter’s office.

8. Know any really good bakers? A lot of people that are into baking save and freeze candy for use in future baking projects.

9. Take it to work – or better yet – give it to your husband or partner to take to their office.

10. See if a church wants it! Sometimes they put little treats in children’s activity bags and would be grateful for your donation.

Many of the places that accept Halloween donations to send to the troops do not have anything listed for similar Easter gifts on their websites and most have a caveat asking that you don’t send chocolate (as it melts). So be sure you ask them before you send your candy off to one of the many wonderful organizations that sends care packages to our troops.

Do you have any great suggestions for what to do with unwanted Easter candy? We’d love to hear them! Please leave us a comment below with your ideas and tips.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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