10 Inventions Moms Need

Have you ever thought to yourself, why doesn’t anyone invent what I REALLY need? Well, now we have … virtually, at least. These fictitious mother must-haves should be the gold standard for inventors everywhere. Looking for more? I asked my Facebook friends for their dream invention ideas, and we’ve got some thoughts for you.

  • Flush Monitor 1 of 10
    Flush Monitor
    This sanity-saver doesn't allow any more paper until you flush.
  • Insta-dinner 2 of 10
    Insta-dinner. Enough said.
  • Let-Me-Repeat-Myself Button 3 of 10
    Let-Me-Repeat-Myself Button
    This button will cut back on your words-per-day by 300% per child. No need to remind them to wash their hands — just push the button!
  • Mindreader App 4 of 10
    Mindreader App
    Not only will it make things easier when chatting with your husband, but when your kids get one of those mischievous looks on their faces, you'll KNOW what's up.
  • Pinnocci-nose Makes Your Nose Grow 5 of 10
    Pinnocci-nose Makes Your Nose Grow
    The Pinnocci-nose makes it easy to figure out which child is telling the truth when they are ALL saying "Not me!" at the same time.
  • The Aqua Alarm Clock 6 of 10
    The Aqua Alarm Clock
    Perfect for those school mornings when your kids just won't get up.
  • The Diaper Whisperer 7 of 10
    The Diaper Whisperer
    Saves you from a whole load of ... yeah ... you get the picture.
  • The Fuss-alizer 8 of 10
    The Fuss-alizer
    Tired of the bickering and fighting? This will bring peace and quiet. Perfect for long car rides.
  • The Time Stopper 9 of 10
    The Time Stopper
    Because a mother's job is never done. And couldn't we ALL use a mommy timeout sometimes?
  • What Does My Baby Need App 10 of 10
    What Does My Baby Need App
    For parents everywhere who have found themselves rocking a crying infant at 3 am thinking, "What do you want, child?"

If you could have any mother’s helper invention created, what would you ask for? Tell us in the comments!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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