7 Most Hilarious Science Fair Projects

Science Fairs are a rite of passage for many a young student.  At school science fairs across the nations there are an array of projects, from lava spewing volcanoes, fungus growth and various tidbits of data on this, that, and the other. And then there are the experiments that bring originality, so much originality that these Science Fair projects are a mixture of being hilarious, bizarre and some are completely questionable. Check out these 10 totally hilarious science fair projects here:

Garlic: The Silent Killer
Garlic really? If one is a vampire, that’s one good reason to want to avoid garlic. But this one boy’s data on “Garlic: the Silent Killer” was apparently convincing enough to warrant a blue ribbon.

Getting Away with it. Proper Corpse Disposal
What school kid hasn’t pondered that question at least once? Not. But that didn’t stop this young lady to give step by step directions on how to dispose of a corpse.

How to Draw a Blank
We’ve all done it, we’ve all ‘drawn a blank’ at one point. But how does one ‘draw a blank’ One girl shows a step by step process on how one draws a blank. Fascinating.

What’s My Dog’s Favorite Color?
This isn’t something that will shake up the world of science, but hey, he used a scientific method to reach his conclusion and spent some quality time with his pet.

What Do My Farts Smell Like

A young man posed the question asking “what do my farts smell like” not just farts in general but his own farts. And his conclusion? “They smell yummy.” Wow.

Electricity Vs. Cat
In the young boy’s display he has images of cats and a car battery, plus he’s holding a pair of jumper cables. What he is trying to prove is beyond me, but anyone and everyone should keep their household pets away from him.

A Hate My F*%king Braces
First, I have to wonder if this one is real. Second, I wonder how long it took before one of the teacher tore down her title.

Photo: FLickr Gonzalez

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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