10 Most Villainous and Vilified Moms of the New Millennium

casey anthony, casey anthony trialThe Casey Anthony trial continues today with the defense calling witnesses.  Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, has been trying to discredit the prosecution and local legal authorities, suggesting that “tests done by prosecution experts on air samples from Casey Anthony’s car trunk were marred by errors and departures from correct procedures,” Reuters reports.  That doesn’t change the fact that a computer forensic expert determined that Anthony searched the Internet 84 times for the word chloroform and looked for several other grisly terms as well, though the defense’s argument may mean that Casey Anthony walks away from this trial unpunished.  If she is found guilty, Anthony may escape death, since on Monday, Federal Judge Jose Martinez ruled Florida’s death penalty sentencing procedure to be unconstitutional.

Not since the Andrea Yates trial – and the subsequent appeal that led to her insanity conviction – has America been so riveted by the mind of a murderous mother.  Anthony, with her many lies, is forcing the public to begin to comprehend the scourge of sociopathy that silently plagues this nation.  Because the truth is so heavily obfuscated in this case it’s unclear what will happen, but one thing is for sure: Casey Anthony isn’t the only mother to be tried by both a jury of her peers and the media.  In the digital age, many high-profile mothers are scrutinized and vilified, some for murderous deeds, some for their political views, and others for their lifestyle.  These are the moms we love to hate, the Top 10 Most Villainous and Vilified Moms of the New Millennium:

Main photo: Mugshot via Wikimedia

Do these moms top May 2011’s Top Parenting Scandals?


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