10 Reasons I Love Being a 40-Something Mom

There are pros and cons to being a mother in your 20s, 30s or 40s. It’s not as if starting a family in one decade of your life is better than another.

Over on Babble’s Being Pregnant blog, I recently saw Michelle Horton’s 20 Reasons I Love Being A 20-Something Mom.  Yes, yes, we know … you young moms have more energy, your bodies bounce back more quickly and you’ll have more time to play once your children leave the nest.  But let’s not forget being an “old mom” has its benefits, too.  So I’m here, at the age of 42, to represent those mamas who waited until their late 30s and 40s to have children, because there are some great advantages to being an older mom too!

  • Less Sacrifice 1 of 10
    Less Sacrifice
    Older moms tend to feel like they had more time to experience life. They're less likely to feel they are sacrificing something by becoming parents. My husband and I did a lot of traveling before we had kids, to places like France, Italy, Germany and Austria, and I'm so glad we were able to do that before we ever became parents.
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  • Financial Stability 2 of 10
    Financial Stability
    Women who wait until their mid-30s and 40s to have children are often more financially stable than their counterparts. This means paying for diapers or baby gear or childcare won't be as much of a hardship.
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  • Life Expectancy 3 of 10
    Life Expectancy
    The average life expectancy for women in the US is 81. So why not wait? We now have more time than ever to become parents.
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  • More Patience 4 of 10
    More Patience
    Studies have shown that older parents have more patience when raising their kids. This doesn't mean, of course, that younger parents have no patience. Research indicates that the older we get the better we are able to deal with challenges of parenting.
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  • Relationship Stability 5 of 10
    Relationship Stability
    Women 40 and over who become parents are more likely to be in stable relationships. My husband and I were married for eight years before we started having kids. This gave us time to get to know each other as a couple and deal with the role transition of marriage without having to also deal with the role transition of parenting.
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  • Career Stability 6 of 10
    Career Stability
    For those who continue to work outside of the home, having children later in life means you've had more time to establish yourself in your career.
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  • No Competition 7 of 10
    No Competition
    Especially when it comes to my daughter, I'm glad we're much further apart in age. When she's a teenager, we won't be wearing the same things and doing the same things. I hope this will reduce any feeling that she has to compete with me.
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  • Young At Heart 8 of 10
    Young At Heart
    In my forties, I notice I've become less connected to popular culture. It's only because of my children that I know who Justin Bieber is. My children help keep me young at heart.
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  • More Confidence 9 of 10
    More Confidence
    Older women tend to be more comfortable in their own skin. This can mean older moms don't feel as much pressure to do all the things other mothers around them are doing.
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  • Just Look At Them 10 of 10
    Just Look At Them
    What other reasons do I need than these two wonderful, gorgeous and funny faces? They make life wonderful at any age.
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