10 Reasons I Want Han, Luke and Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII

Rumors as expansive as the galaxy have been swirling around Star Wars: Episode VII ever since Lucasfilm and Disney wrapped up the formalities, got the official word out, then sat back as nerdgasms exploded all over the internets with a simple utterance of the name “J.J. Abrams.”

And, though Star Wars heroes and villains and lightsabers and planets and anti-gravitational force and flowing robes and mythos might be housed in the same vault as Mickey Mouse and his pals, I like to think that the Houses of Mouse and Skywalker will play to intergalactic fans’ sense of nostalgia – something that can only come with bringing Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher on board to reprise their original roles. Even if Ford only wants in to be offed.

  • Epic nostalgia factor. 1 of 10
    Epic nostalgia factor.
    Why not? Think about it. If these three did actually sign back on, who knows what other characters might follow? Please say Billy Dee. Please say Billy Dee!
  • His acting skills are pretty legit. 2 of 10
    His acting skills are pretty legit.
    Contrary to popular belief, Mark Hamill's acting chops are not too shabby. And, he has the ultimate measurement of actor street cred - Broadway.
  • He made you feel all the feels. 3 of 10
    He made you feel all the feels.
    Admit it. Mark Hamill's Luke made you believe Yoda was real for more than half the movie.
  • The handover. 4 of 10
    The handover.
    You know you kind of want to see Luke pass on the lightsabery torch to a new generation of Star Warsians... as long as they don't immediately point it at their own faces.
  • The hot mess of a trainwreck we all kind of like. 5 of 10
    The hot mess of a trainwreck we all kind of like.
    The snark, the funny, the terrible British accent - Carrie Fisher always brings the crackpot boom, and though I can't say I'm a huge fan of her Leia, I still give her mad props for being a bada**.
  • The Disney Princessness. 6 of 10
    The Disney Princessness.
    Can't have a Disney movie (don't yell at me), without a Disney Princess (again, don't yell at me).
  • The classic lines. 7 of 10
    The classic lines.
    Who else is going to save their skins and be their only hope even if we have no idea who the "they" is going to be?
  • Harrison Ford is still a fox. A foxy fox. 8 of 10
    Harrison Ford is still a fox. A foxy fox.
    Two words: Han Solo.
  • No one else can drive it. 9 of 10
    No one else can drive it.
    Two more words: Millennium Falcon.
  • The original bromance. 10 of 10
    The original bromance.
    You can't have Han without Chewy, and if he actually survived the "Expanded Universe," there are a whole bunch of us who are going to fling glitter.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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