10 Reasons My Husband Is NOT My Best Friend

I recently read a Strollerderby article on marriage that struck a nerve with me because I had written the exact opposite the very same week. I mulled it over, wondering if I were wrong and trying to reconcile the author’s view with my own. You see, I did marry my best friend — and it was the biggest mistake we ever made.

We just got too comfortable with the friend role. I was his best friend. He was my only friend. He was my everything. And, I lost a whole lot of me in the process. After a long rebuilding process — and a renewal ceremony in Vegas (with Elvis!) — we’ve learned we’re better lovers than friends.

We’ve laughed together, we’ve grown up together, and we’ve fallen in love over and over again. But, I have my own friends now. As the years go by and we grow and change, it’s the promise that will keep us together — not friendship.

As my partner in forever, my husband has a permanent place in my heart, but here are 10 reasons he’s not my best friend.

  • I Want to Laugh WITH My Husband 1 of 10
    I Want to Laugh WITH My Husband
    Not at him. I don't want him to find me amusing. I want us to find amusement in life together. We enjoy one another, we make each other laugh, but we don't make fun of each other.
  • We’re Partners 2 of 10
    We're Partners
    With friendship comes a little give and take, but the hubby and I are side by side. Partners. He supports me, I support him — no questions asked.
  • He Doesn’t Want to See Magic Mike 3 of 10
    He Doesn't Want to See Magic Mike
    I saw so many men at the Magic Mike premier with their wives, but I was there with my friends. We had an absolute blast, and I didn't have to subject him to such a female film. It's the same for any other activity — while there is a lot we enjoy doing together, we each have our own friends for the rest of it.
  • We Grew Up Together 4 of 10
    We Grew Up Together
    Sadly, friends come and go — my elementary school friends were not my middle school friends. Or my high school friends. Or college. But, the hubby and I committed for the long haul.
  • I Love His Smile 5 of 10
    I Love His Smile
    That smile? It makes me melt. I can't say that I've really noticed if any of my girlfriends have sexy smiles.
  • He’s So Much More 6 of 10
    He's So Much More
    My friends are great. My best friend is there for me whenever I need her. But my husband? He's so much more. He's the father of my children, the link to my past, and my dream for the future.
  • Home Is for Family 7 of 10
    Home Is for Family
    Yeah, I love coming home to him. Because home is family.
  • What We Have 8 of 10
    What We Have
    People often comment that they want what we have, but it's not friendship. What we have is the result of hard work, love, and a serious commitment.
  • We’re Tied 9 of 10
    We're Tied
    No matter what happens, no matter how mad we get, no matter what's going on in our lives, we're connected through a bond that is so much stronger than friendship.
  • Committed for Life 10 of 10
    Committed for Life
    He's the love of my life, and I'm committed to spending forever with him. But, some discussions are better had with a girlfriend.

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