10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go to the NYC St. Patricks Day Parade… at Least Once

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The face painters of the good old St. Patrick's Day parade.

This weekend, the luck of the Irish will be out and about in parades all over the country. This year since the day falls on a Saturday, there is even more reason to celebrate. While local parades give you the small town, community feel and are wonderful chances for the kids to march with their schools, groups and teams, the big parade in NYC is a whole different experience.

The annual St. Patrick’s Day in Manhattan is a little like New Year’s Eve: everyone is cheerful, many are drunk, and there is a feeling in the air that this is a time you will remember. This rite of passage is a must for New Yorkers but even out-of-towners will revel in the festivities.

Here are 10 reasons why everyone should consider attending the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan at least once.

  • Everyone Is Irish 1 of 10
    Everyone Is Irish
    Just like the old saying goes, it doesn't matter what nationality or religion you are; on March 17th everyone is Irish. So throw on some green clothing or accessories and put on a happy face when heading to 5th Avenue.
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  • Bagpipes 2 of 10
    Most of us have heard them played somberly one too many times at funerals. St. Patrick's Day is the ideal time to enjoy the bagpipes under festive circumstances. (And watching the guys in kilts playing them doesn't hurt either.)
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  • Babies In Irish Knit Sweaters 3 of 10
    Babies In Irish Knit Sweaters
    Is there anything cuter than a baby in an Irish knit sweater? The babies sporting the various green hats and scarves are also a sight for sore eyes.
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  • Green Food That Kids Will Want To Eat 4 of 10
    Green Food That Kids Will Want To Eat
    Broccoli and green beans just can't compare to a green bagel, green cupcakes, or green cookies. Sure the food color is not natural but it's a one year type of thing and part of the fun of being a kid is reveling in the moment and enjoying the unique.
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  • Men in Uniform 5 of 10
    Men in Uniform
    Call me partial but watching the NYPD march down 5th Avenue is worth making the trip.
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  • Before Kids, It’s One Big Party 6 of 10
    Before Kids, It's One Big Party
    Attending the parade before or after kids will bring you some certain differences. Before kids, you can head out to the parade, then hit the local bars, theaters, and restaurants. Make it a day and a night celebration.
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  • After Kids, Its One Day Long Celebration 7 of 10
    After Kids, Its One Day Long Celebration
    Once the kiddies come, you'll be back home before dinner. It's still fun, just a different kind that consists more of finding just the right balloon and lunch spot with a clean changing table rather than partaking of the city nightlife.
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  • Corned Beef Sandwiches 8 of 10
    Corned Beef Sandwiches
    No one makes a corned beef sandwich the way New York does, and on St. Patrick's Day, restaurants go out of their way to make sure that their sandwiches are the biggest and best. The renowned Carnegie Deli on 7th Avenue in Manhattan boasts of at least one pound of corned beef on every sandwich.
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  • Post-Parade Activities 9 of 10
    Post-Parade Activities
    Museums offer many St. Patrick's Day themed crafts and tours. So after the parade is over, you can hit the cultural spots. This year makes it easier since the day falls on a Saturday so more people are off and don't have to rush off to work the next day. You can also catch one of the many spring shows taking place at the children's theaters across the city.
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  • Springtime in New York 10 of 10
    Springtime in New York
    New York in the spring when it's warmer than the cold winter but not yet stifling with humidity is quite simply beautiful. The buds are starting to bloom, people are out and about and it's a perfect time to explore Central Park with the kiddies.
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