10 Reasons Why I Adore Summer Vacation (Possibly More Than the Kids)

10 Reasons Why I Adore Summer Vacation (Possibly More Than The Kids) via Babble
Who likes summer more: you or the kids?

When school let out last month, my kids were happy. And by happy, I mean ecstatic. I expected that, but what I didn’t anticipate was how excited the end of a school year would make me. It seems like it’s been a long year. Since I quit my miserable job and made a career freelancing, as long I have my laptop with me, I can work anywhere. Many days have been spent writing at libraries, playgrounds, and parks. So I have been waiting for the leisurely days that come with summer.

Moms have so many extras when kids are in school. Sure, the kids take on the bulk of the responsibility and rules, but when kids get out, many moms breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to two months off as much as their kids. 

Here’s 10 reasons I certainly do!

  • No Lunch 1 of 10
    No Lunch
    Well, of course I give my kids lunch during the summer…but at lunchtime. I can't quite pinpoint my source of disdain for making school lunches for 10 months out of the year. Maybe it's because I'm making breakfast and lunch at the same time. Maybe it's because I detest that plastic lunchbox and its contents (think drippy juice packs and crumbs all over) when it returns in the afternoon. Maybe because it's just another thing I have to do in the small time frame before heading off to school.
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  • Goodbye 5pm Stress 2 of 10
    Goodbye 5pm Stress
    Dinner, homework, study, showers. Those hours around dinnertime drive me crazy! I hate them. Kids get tired and hungry, as do the dogs. Everyone need to be fed. The kids each have different after-school schedules and projects. Wrapping my head around them all is a lesson in patience (and sainthood on some nights!).
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  • No Weird Requests 3 of 10
    No Weird Requests
    On any given school day last year, my son might come home needing a safety pin, red shirt, box of wet ones, photo, empty milk carton, box top, paper towel holder, or any various odd thing by the next morning. It took me a few months to remember to check his homework agenda early in the day. Many frantic nights were spent locating these stray items while wondering just how much my son's teacher enjoyed "Let's Make A Deal!"
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  • No Homework 4 of 10
    No Homework
    They do actually have summer homework, but most of it is reading (accompanied by a math packet) and they enjoy reading anyway. I don't consider it real homework in the sense of that it is due tomorrow. So each year between 3-7pm, for July and August only there are no homework squabbles — bliss!
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  • No Schedule 5 of 10
    No Schedule
    I can meet friends or make pool dates whenever I want. I can shop, plan conference calls, or write until I'm completely finished, instead of under the 2:30pm daily deadline looming in my mind.
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  • Less Ironing 6 of 10
    Less Ironing
    I…hate…ironing I'm not sure if I inherited it from my mother who quite possibly hates it more than I do, but nevertheless, there I am ironing my kids' school uniforms from September to June, and complaining about it.
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  • Late Nights 7 of 10
    Late Nights
    My early bird boy who usually gets up at 6am everyday no matter what has been sleeping until 9am!! I never thought it would happen, but oh, how I love it.
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  • Lazy Days 8 of 10
    Lazy Days
    So the kids wanna go to the park at 10am? Sure. Library at 3, no problem. Maybe do nothing at all and just float around in the pool all day. More than fine by me!
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  • Less Planning Ahead 9 of 10
    Less Planning Ahead
    What will my son wear tomorrow? Does he need his gym uniform? Where are his shoes? Who cares? I don't need to know the night before when school's out.
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  • Happier Kids 10 of 10
    Happier Kids
    Let's face it, kids are just more relaxed and happier on summer vacation. They have no school stress and can actually enjoy being kids: play outside, swim, skate, bike, all day everyday. That's what summertime is all about!
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Do you look forward to getting two months off? Or is it easier for you when your kids are in school?

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