10 Rules President Obama and the First Lady Say Malia and Sasha Must Follow

Do the Obamas fall on the strict side of parenting?

Raising kids is hard work for anyone. But what about raising the most famous kids in the country? Especially when you are arguably the most controversial president in the history of the United States.


There are large men with guns that surround your family at all times, so there’s that. In fact, during an interview with MTV’s Sway Calloway, President Obama did mention that Facebook makes him more nervous than Malia going on dates because, well, her date will always be surrounded by the aforementioned big men with guns and Facebook is a lot harder to monitor.

The President’s no Facebook policy for his daughters got me to wondering what other rules Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, have to follow while living at the most famous address in America.

How do the president and first lady transform the White House into some semblance of normalcy? Well, turns out, just like most every other kid their age, the girls have a lot of rules to follow. And Mrs. Obama doesn’t think they’re all that strict, either. In an interview with Yahoo! Shine last year she said, “They’re not little princesses…It’s just basic rules, boundaries, and expectations that we would have normally.”

I must say, there are a couple rules in there that I don’t plan on enforcing. Can you guess which ones? And what about you? Do you think a few of these are over the top or right on the money?

So, wanna know what those rules are? Of course you do. Because next time your kid complains you can use it against them. If Malia Obama can make her bed every single day, you can to, young lady!

Here then are 10 rules that President Obama and the First Lady have outlined for Sasha and Malia to follow.

  • No TV During The Week 1 of 10
    No TV During The Week
    No Gossip Girls for the Obama girls. TV is for weekends only! Unless they need to watch something for school. But how often does that happen? So, weekends only and Michelle Obama even tries to limit that. According to Yahoo! Shine Mrs. Obama says, "I try to fill up their weekends with a lot of stuff so they wind up missing that, too...It's like, sports and games, and then, oh, it's bedtime, so sorry you didn't get your TV time in."
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  • You Must Go To School 2 of 10
    You Must Go To School
    Even an appearance at the Democratic National Convention wasn't enough to get the girls out of class. They both attended classes at Sidwell Friends the very next day.
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  • No Computer During The Week 3 of 10
    No Computer During The Week
    Again, just like TV the girls aren't allowed to surf the net unless it's for homework. Our teacher wants us to watch funny YouTube videos for class tomorrow, I swear!
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  • No Facebook 4 of 10
    No Facebook
    In an interview with MTV President Obama talked about how his daughters aren't allowed on Facebook, mostly, he says, because it's a security issue. Good excuse, Mr. President. Wonder how long that will work? But run with it while you can!
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  • No Cell Phone During The Week 5 of 10
    No Cell Phone During The Week
    The Obamas pretty much have an all-encompassing no technology during the week rule. Only Malia has a cell phone and she can only use it on the weekends... If mom isn't keeping her too busy, that is.
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  • Must Do Chores 6 of 10
    Must Do Chores
    Even though the staff at the White House is enormous, the girls must do their own chores which includes making beds and cleaning rooms. And Mrs. Obama has said Malia will learn how to do her own laundry for college. As she told Yahoo! last year, "They have chores to do, and they don't get their allowance until they can prove that they've done their chores for the week."
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  • Must Play Sports 7 of 10
    Must Play Sports
    Of all the rules, I find this the most controversial. Sports aren't for everyone. I have several friends who can attest to that. But if you're a member of the Obama family, according to the NY Times "Malia and Sasha had to take up two sports: one they chose and one selected by their mother" who wants them to understand what it feels like to do something you don't like and to improve. Mrs. Obama explained it thusly to Yahoo! Shine, "Sports is an expectation, and we say it's an expectation because it's about good health."
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  • Healthy Snacks Only 8 of 10
    Healthy Snacks Only
    "We have fruit. We have some cereals, some crackers, nuts, dried foods that are out," the first lady says. Considering her stance on childhood obesity, this one is probably pretty important. The girls also have to eat their vegetables. After that, get out of the kitchen. "If you're full, you're full," Mrs. Obama said in an interview with Ladies' Home Journal. "I don't want to see you in the kitchen after that."
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  • No R-rated Movies… Kind Of 9 of 10
    No R-rated Movies... Kind Of
    Apparently Malia, at 14, has seen a few parent-approved R-rated movies but, at 11, they're a no go for Sasha. As the first lady told Yahoo! Shine, "Nowadays, sometimes what's on the kid programming, some of that teenage programming is pretty high-level stuff, too...So you find that you have to constantly just be engaged with them and hear what they're learning and talk to them about the shows that they're watching."
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  • Must Write Reports On Trips 10 of 10
    Must Write Reports On Trips
    According to, the first lady says the girls must write reports on trips they take even if it's not required for school. Which means when Malia and Sasha went to Paris (pictured above) a few years back, they had to write up a report all about the trip.
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