10 Signs You Married Your Best Friend

I like to think I married my best friend even if we didn’t start out that way. By all accounts my husband was a guy I went from not knowing to being completely infatuated with in oh…3.2 seconds.

For some, love blossoms from friendship. For others like me, friendship blossoms from love. And while my husband and I would have undoubtedly benefitted from being friends before lovers, we ultimately reached BFF status, which I suppose is what really matters.

Marrying your best friend, as hokey as it sounds, is actually pretty important. As time (and gravity) change us from the inside and out, it’s the friendship that keeps us together – laughing, loving, sharing, and giving the best of ourselves inspired by the one true person who knows us best of all.

As your partner in forever, your spouse has the power to make it all better by virtue of the place they hold in your heart. Take a look at these 10 signs you married your best friend after the jump!

  • You laugh at each other 1 of 10
    You laugh at each other
    Sure, laughing with each other is important, but your ability to laugh at each other solidifies your BFF status.
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  • The one 2 of 10
    The one
    There's no one else in this world you'd rather grow old with. Your spouse has been and will always be the one for you.
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  • Nowhere else 3 of 10
    Nowhere else
    There's nowhere you'd rather be in times of joy, sorrow, or boredom than in your spouse's arms. His embrace feels like home.
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  • He knows your face 4 of 10
    He knows your face
    There's no hiding from him, he knows you all too well. Painted on smiles are no match for his ability to read you like an open book.
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  • You make each other smile 5 of 10
    You make each other smile
    He knows just what to say when you're down. You know just where he's ticklish. Your level of emotional and physical intimacy makes you friends and lovers for a lifetime.
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  • Life is just better 6 of 10
    Life is just better
    How wonderful life is with your best friend by your side.
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  • Home sweet home 7 of 10
    Home sweet home
    Even after all this time, you still perk up when he walks in the door at the end of the day.
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  • What you have 8 of 10
    What you have
    People have told you they want what you have. Being rich in love has made you a shining example of a healthy and loving marriage.
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  • No matter how mad you get… 9 of 10
    No matter how mad you get...
    ...(and boy do you get mad sometimes), your spouse still holds your heart.
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  • Who you turn to 10 of 10
    Who you turn to
    Whether it's good news or bad news, your best friend in love and life is the first person you turn to.
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How do you know you married your best friend?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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