10 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

I’m a huge believer in counseling. Even though my parents took a stab at marriage counseling only to ultimately divorce, their exercise in couples-based therapy allowed them to make greater peace with an already difficult decision.

There are times I wish my husband and I attended marriage counseling, and it’s not because we’re headed for divorce or going through a particularly difficult period either. Marriage counseling facilitates healthy and constructive conversation that can only better a relationship. Most of us struggle to recognize the subtle nuances of impending conflict, let alone possess the know-how to manage said conflict effectively.

By providing couples with the tools and resources to better share and make thoughtful decisions, marriage counseling hopes to allow for a greater understanding between partners.

Take a look at these 10 signs you might need marriage counseling and why – after the jump!

  • A traumatic life event 1 of 10
    A traumatic life event
    Traumatic life events such as the loss of a child or a serious illness have the potential to tear a marriage apart. Marriage counseling can assist couples in managing the stress and navigation of difficult and unfamiliar emotions.
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  • There’s still love 2 of 10
    There's still love
    This brilliant, yet often overlooked reminder comes to us from GalTime. If you still love your spouse and find your marriage in a tough spot, take a proactive approach with a marriage counselor to help resolve small problems before they become bigger ones.
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  • You don’t talk 3 of 10
    You don't talk
    Communication is the very foundation of emotional intimacy and yet somewhere along the way you stopped talking. A marriage therapist can offer communication strategies to not only help to get you talking, but to keep you sharing.
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  • An emotional affair 4 of 10
    An emotional affair
    Emotional infidelity is damaging to a marriage. Check out these 12 signs you're having an emotional affair and seek help before it's too late.
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  • Finances 5 of 10
    Money is the source of marital conflict for many couples. If you and spouse are fighting over money regularly, it's time to see a therapist who can help you both get to the root of your financial problems and steer you toward resolution.
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  • Anger 6 of 10
    You can talk without yelling and you don't fight fair. It's time to call on a licensed professional to get to the underlying source of your marital hostility if you are to ever move forward.
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  • Dramatic changes in the bedroom 7 of 10
    Dramatic changes in the bedroom
    If your sex life suddenly plummeted or has unexpectedly soared to great heights, you may have reason to be concerned according to Valerie Jencks, Founder and Executive Director of Prairie Family Therapy in Chicago who suggests less sex could indicate intimate relations with someone else, while an increase in sexual appetite might suggest arousal from an outside source.
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  • Keeping score 8 of 10
    Keeping score
    If someone's keeping score of every singular infraction, the issue needs to be addressed. A licensed therapist can provide useful tools for effective and sustainable conflict resolution.
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  • The kids 9 of 10
    The kids
    Differences in parenting styles paired with the additional challenges faced by blended families can cause tremendous strain on a marriage. Instead of fighting in front of the children, take your issues to a marriage and family counselor for support.
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  • You feel alone 10 of 10
    You feel alone
    Feeling unappreciated, alone, or unloved can lead a partner to look elsewhere for recognition and feelings of worth. If either one of you is reaching outside your marriage for companionship, it's time to seek professional help.
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And yes, for those bad marriages  for which no amount of marriage counseling could possibly repair, marriage counseling can assist in providing the personal strength and clarity required to move forward on your own.

Do you have experience with marriage counseling?

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