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    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look Remember when a new year inspired a new you? As a busy parent, finding the time — or funds — for a large-scale makeover may seem impossible. So instead of going Gaga and aiming for complete reinvention, why not tackle a few tiny tweaks instead? Here are 10 easy and affordable ways to update your look that can make a big impact — instantly!

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    1. Change your part

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look If youre anything like me, you resolve to get a new look each time you go for a haircut, only to chicken out and wind up with the same do you already had. Luckily, my hairdresser taught me the simplest way to change things up without scissors: simply switch the location of your part (best done fresh out of the shower, with wet hair before styling) to instantly transform your look — without spending a dime!

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    2. Don't be raggedy handy

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look Remember those old Palmolive ads, when women were accused of having dishpan hands? Unfortunately, a daily dose of domestic drudgery coupled with harsh weather be it strong winter winds or a blisteringly hot, dehydrating sun makes this clich ring true. A manicure, whether DIY or professional, adds, ahem, polish to whatever outfit you may be sporting. Veer from tried-and-true hues toward a new color palette to reinvent yourself in minutes flat! To maintain your newly genteel mitts, slide a great-smelling moisturizer, like this eos Nourish lotion, into your bag.

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    3. Get a brand-new bag

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look Your purse is considered a primary accessory; it provides people with their first clue to your personal style. What does yours say about you? Does it say swank sophisticate or scream SOMEONES MOTHER? Swap out your tired, old purse for a sleek yet versatile catchall, and don't fear color! This super-stylish bag from Hobo holds more than you think it can. Its big enough to conceal your wallet and that stash of crayons, but small enough to go easy on your posture for a long day out with the kids. And heres the most beautiful thing about shopping for bags: they ALWAYS fit!

    Get the Nina from Hobo International, $70.80

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    4. Actually wear your jewelry

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look When was the last time you wore that cute necklace your partner gave you for your anniversary? Or busted out that vintage bracelet you scored from Grandma? Venture into your jewelry box, root around, and dust off an old favorite piece to work into your outfit. A pair of drop earrings or simple, bold bangles can elevate your mom jeans and sweater combo to date-night cute.

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    5. Commit to concealer

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look Its no secret that parents are among the most exhausted people on the planet, but theres no need to stumble toward school drop-off doing your best Steve Buscemi. It takes a grand total of ten seconds to sweep a layer of lightweight concealer under your lids. Youll feel so much better and at least look coherent even if you arent!

    Get Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer from, $9.99

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    6. Be wise: moisturize!

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look While it might not always seem it, the suns damaging rays are in full effect all year round, whether youre practically melting in the August heat or out and about on a cold and cloudy January day. A tinted moisturizer with SPF is a time-saving triple play: it replenishes your skin, protects it from the sun, and conceals a world of skin woes, like blemishes and blotchiness.

    Get Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 from Sephora, $42

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    7. Shop your closet

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look Take stock of the staples you already have and infuse trendy accessories to spruce them up. All moms have them: a vast collection of shapeless muumuus we throw over jeans or leggings to conceal our various flaws. So how can we turn them from drab to fab? A cinch-waist belt, for example, is an easy way to add interest and shape to any shirtdress, tunic sweater, or muumuus in your closet.

    Get this black leather River belt by bed/stu from Zappos, $59.00

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    8. Put a lid on it

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look Hats are the perfect way to combine fashion (youll instantly feel trs chic) with function (it will conceal any roots you havent had time to tend!). Plus, if youve never worn them before, youll be surprised at how much they transform your everyday look. When its cool outside, opt for a wool cap thatll cover your ears from the harsh winter winds. In warmer weather, light straw hats can shield your strands from the suns rays and provide you with some much-needed (and stylish!) shade.

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    9. Raise an eyebrow

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your eyebrows are the hedges in front of those windows. If you don't keep them trimmed semi-regularly, it takes no time at all for them to grow buck wild and distract from an otherwise lovely view. Keep your brows groomed (and your face unfettered) by stocking up on stalwart grooming supplies, like this all-in-one kit from Tweezerman.

    Get it from, $25

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    10. Re-boot!

    10 Simple Ways Moms Can Update Their Look The right pair of shoes is all it takes to make your skirts flirty and your jeans genius. Yet too often, we veer toward either the ugly and practical or a pair thats too pretty for play-dating. Who says you can'thave the best of both worlds? Come fall and winter, grab a chic, warm pair of boots in a stalwart neutral shade, like my favorite faux-suede, rubber-heeled pair from Aerosoles. (Heels usually hurt me, but I walked the Brooklyn Bridge in these bad boys with ease!) To stay fun, fashionable, and comfortable during sandals season, weve found the ultimate summer mom shoe.

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