10 Things I Pined for as a Kid that Actually Lived Up to the Hype as an Adult

My 4-year-old is starting to catch on to the fact that life isn’t always fair. She would like a TV in her room. She would like a cupcake for breakfast. She would like a credit card to pay for the crappy plastic ring displayed at the checkout counter at the corner store.

She can’t have any of those things.

But I can.

Here are 10 things I totally wanted as a kid that I actually make mental notes to appreciate now that I’m all grown up:

  • Believe The Hype 1 of 11
    Believe The Hype
    It's real and it's spectacular.
  • Chocolate Whenever I Want It 2 of 11
    Chocolate Whenever I Want It
    When I was a kid, I died a little inside each time I was denied chocolate just because it was morning. After all, what, pray tell, is the difference between a chocolate-chip muffin and a cupcake? And what, exactly, is the harm of sugar early in the day when you still have hours to burn off the energy and calories?

    As it turns out, nothing. Nothing at all. Which is why when I have the urge to take a sweet bite here and there, I never look at the clock. Kids, on the other hand? They should just wait until it's dessert time — if they even get dessert today, that is.
  • Staying Up Late 3 of 11
    Staying Up Late
    I know how much sleep I need. In fact, I always kind of have. I hated being told what time to go to bed.

    Now that I'm grown up? I make my own bed time. It's often much later than it should be. But who's counting? (No one. No one is counting. Hee hee hee.)
  • Saying ‘Because I Said So’ 4 of 11
    Saying 'Because I Said So'
    It's one of the most irritating things to hear as a kid.

    And one of the most satisfying things to say as an adult.
  • No Homework 5 of 11
    No Homework
    There's no getting around the fact that homework sucks. You can go on and on to a kid about how it teaches discipline and accountability and it's just what you do.

    But every once in a while I remind myself that I don't have to do it anymore, and it's pretty freakin' great.
  • A Husband 6 of 11
    A Husband
    I didn't sit around as a kid and wait for a man to come along and rescue me. But I did imagine that it would be positively lovely to meet someone with whom I could have kids and share my life.

    And you know what? It totally is.
  • A TV in My Room 7 of 11
    A TV in My Room
    It's my TV. I watch what I want. I watch when I want. I don't have to share the remote.

    Period. End of sentence. Muwhahaha.
  • Not Being Forced to Eat Vegetables Every Day 8 of 11
    Not Being Forced to Eat Vegetables Every Day
    As it turns out, I really like vegetables. In fact, I am irked by the fact that I never even saw a Brussels sprout until 10 years ago. They are now an integral part of my life. As is spinach.

    However, if I choose to forgo vegetables at any and every meal, no one is standing over me and forcing me to sit at the table, staring until one or both of us wilt under the pressure. And that's a good thing.
  • Credit Cards 9 of 11
    Credit Cards
    As a kid, I thought credit cards were just magical. You see something you like, you hand over a little piece of plastic and — voila! — that thing is all yours.

    Sure, there's more to it — such as the bills generated by the credit cards, for instance. But it really is kind of wonderful and magical nonetheless.
  • My Own Car 10 of 11
    My Own Car
    Assuming I don't crash it into anything, renew the registration each year and pay the insurance on time, no one can take my car away from me. I can get in it whenever I want and drive to wherever I want.

    It's mine. All mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.
  • R-Rated Movies 11 of 11
    R-Rated Movies
    When you get past the age of, say, 7, you just know there's more to life than PG-movies.

    And you would be correct. There's also something to be said for going to an R-rated movie by yourself. During daylight hours. And buying popcorn, soda and/or candy. Which, of course, a child can't do (see Chocolate Whenever I Want, Credit Cards and My Own Car ). But I can.

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