10 Things Moms Should Buy (and Not Buy) in July

10 Things Moms Should Buy (and Not Buy) in July via Babble
Summer deals heat up this month!

As we head full force into the summer, shopping deals change a little. Before July 4th, shopping savings focus on equipment for family celebrations, but once that is over we start to think about getting those summer deals and storing them away for next year.

The stores also begin to bring out their (gulp) back-to-school merchandise. By thinking a little (and sometimes a lot) ahead, we can save a bunch.

Like so many other things in life, when it comes to shopping, preparation is key.

Here is what moms should buy (and not buy) in July:

  • BUY: Back to School Gear 1 of 10
    BUY: Back to School Gear
    No one wants to think about back to school yet BUT if you hit the stores now, you will find fully stocked shelves with the newest and often cheapest loot. Think pencil sharpeners, erasers, and folders for less than 50 cents. The biggest benefit however, may be the whining you'll miss when your child can find everything she wants in the exact color she wants it in. Plus, stores are empty now. If you hit Target in late August/early September (as I have done in the past), you will likely be wandering up and down near empty aisles searching frantically for what you need and finding nothing!
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  • BUY: Fall Clothes 2 of 10
    BUY: Fall Clothes
    If you also have to replenish your child's wardrobe for school (or your own), Macy's junior section is now offering sweaters and blouses heavily discounted. Some are originally in the $60 range and now selling for $15 bucks. Another was originally $38 and is now selling for $5.99.
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    Source: Money Saving Queen/KHOU Texas News
  • DON’T BUY: Grills 3 of 10
    DON'T BUY: Grills
    As we said in June, grills would be priced the lowest in the late summer/early fall, so while there may some slightly lower prices on barbecue grills in July, it's better off to wait a couple more months until deal are slashed significantly.
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  • BUY: Tools 4 of 10
    BUY: Tools
    With Father's Day over and gone, July is an ideal month for quality tool deals, (matched only by November and December). Look for tool sets, accessories, and even storage units.
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    Source: MSN Money
  • BUY: Bathing Suits 5 of 10
    BUY: Bathing Suits
    While you probably already have a bathing suit for this year, think about next summer. Swimsuits can be found heavily discounted. If you get your kids a bigger size, they can have new swimming suits just waiting for them next summer.
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    Source: Money Saving Queen/KHOU Texas News
  • DON’T BUY: Sunglasses 6 of 10
    DON'T BUY: Sunglasses
    You might want to hold off on buying news sunglasses and keep your current ones for a few more months. Surprisingly, the biggest deals for sunglasses are during September, November and December. Last year, there were very good deals at those times on Sunglass Hut and 6pm.
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  • BUY: Sandals 7 of 10
    BUY: Sandals
    We warned you last month to wait it out a bit longer for the sandal sale, and if you did, you'll be pleasantly surprised if you did. You'll find sales on popular brands like Steve Madden, Polo Ralph Lauren, Crocs, and Teva during mid to end of this month.
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    Source: MSN Money
  • IT DEPENDS: Black Friday Deals 8 of 10
    IT DEPENDS: Black Friday Deals
    Black Friday Deals: Be careful with these. Usually in the middle of July, some stores will offer what they call "Black Friday" deals. After the original Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the fall, back to school shopping is the third biggest time of the year for retailers so they will do everything they can to you entice you into their stores, including using a "Black Friday" billing. You will find deals, but they will come nowhere near the slashed prices you find before the winter holidays. Keep that in mind. Know you prices before you hit the stores and don't be fooled into thinking an item is hugely discounted just because it falls under a "Black Friday" ad.
    Source: Fox Business
  • BUY: Macs 9 of 10
    BUY: Macs
    Macs: Oh, where would I be without my beloved MacBook? Sure the Apple's new MacBook Pro Retina is getting all the attention now, but no sales. Meanwhile the year-old MacBook air has been seen hovering around $740 at certain outlets.
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  • BUY: PCs 10 of 10
    BUY: PCs
    If you're more of a PC person, look for the 15" Ivy Bridge systems can be found around the $600 mark, not bad at all by any means.
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    Source: Deal News

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Sources: MSN MoneyDeal NewsFox Business, KHOU Texas News

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