10 Things Moms Should Buy (And Not Buy) In June

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If you can wait for some big ticket items, you will save a whole lot at the end of the summer.

These three short months of summer can often translate into big purchases. Before you know it, just planning our get-togethers, beach excursions, and family activities for the kids can add up to a whole lot of extra expenses. (Plus, of course, right around the corner will be the looming task of buying back-to-school items!)

So before you find yourself in the stores, and buying things you think you really need, consider if you can hold off on some purchases until the end of the summer.

Sure, you might have to forgo enjoying something new until next summer, but that just might save a lot of money. Ask yourself which is more important and whether you can avoid the instant gratification. And remember, when you wait for the deals, you’ll be able to purchase better quality material that lasts in the long run.

  • BUY: Lingerie 1 of 10
    BUY: Lingerie
    Victoria's Secret usually hosts their Semi-Annual Sale in June. This year the sale in stores starts on June 12th and runs through June 25th. Online, the sale has already started and runs through July 5th. During last year's sale, prices dipped as low as $3 for panties and $12 for bras, which is about 40%-70% off. Big savings for VS merchandise!
    Image: Victoria Secret
    Source: Deal News
  • BUY: Summer Fruits 2 of 10
    BUY: Summer Fruits
    There's nothing better than delving in a summer fruit platter when it's hot and sticky out. This month you'll find good buys on peaches, plums, apricots and cherries because they are in season (and delish!). Also in season are exciting new hybrid versions, such as like apriums and pluots (new blends of apricots and plums).
    Image: WikiCommons
    Source: Deal News
  • BUY: Local Vacation Packages 3 of 10
    BUY: Local Vacation Packages
    Due to the increasing price of fuel, international flights are escalating sky high. On top of that, fewer flights are being scheduled overseas so you will have less of a selection. But the United States is an absolutely beautiful country, so pick a state you've never been to and live it up in the good old USA this summer.
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    Source: Deal News
  • BUY: Cruises and Vacations to the Caribbean 4 of 10
    BUY: Cruises and Vacations to the Caribbean
    The good news is that vacation prices are considerably cheaper this month. The bad news is that they are cheaper because hurricane season starts in June (and runs through November). For those who wouldn't mind a soggy vacation, or are low on funds, June (and possibly July) is the time to get deals on last minute cruises.
    Image: iStock
    Source: Deal News
  • BUY: Athletic Gear 5 of 10
    BUY: Athletic Gear
    Look for deals on baseball equipment (since most spring little league are over). On Fox Business News, Jon Wertheim, senior writer for Sports Illustrated and co-author of "Scorecasting: The Hidden Influence Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won, says certain sports have special discounts now, "We are already seeing some golf equipment being marked down," he says. He says you can find discounts of about 20% to 30% on equipment.
    Image: iStock
    Source: Fox Business News
  • DON’T BUY: Grills 6 of 10
    DON'T BUY: Grills
    If you already have a grill, try to make due with it until the end of the summer when prices will be at their absolute lowest. Retailers know that many people won't wait for the end of summer and want the shiny new equipment now to use throughout the summer, so they increase the prices.
    Image: iStock
    Source: Deal News
  • DON’T BUY: Patio Furniture 7 of 10
    DON'T BUY: Patio Furniture
    Don't buy furniture for the same reasons you wouldn't want to buy a grill this month: retailers know consumers want to get a full summer out of new furniture so prices will be high. When the summer winds down, that's the time to buy.
    Image: iStock
    Source: Deal News
  • DON’T BUY: Sandals 8 of 10
    DON'T BUY: Sandals
    There won't be any discounts on summer footwear in June as summer is just beginning. But good quality sandals can usually last more than one season so if you can use last year's pair, you'll save money. The one exception to holding off on summer footwear is inexpensive flip-flops. JC Penney actually has a special on two pairs for just $4 (although the sizes and colors are limited).
    Image: iStock
    Source: Deal News
  • DON’T BUY: Tools 9 of 10
    DON'T BUY: Tools
    Strange thing to advise during Father's Day month, isn't it? But it's similar to May deals when jewelry prices hit the roof in anticipation of Mother's Day. There will be very little or no deals to be had on tools in June. It's best to wait until July when prices will dip.
    Image: iStock
    Source: Deal News
  • DON’T BUY: HDTVs 10 of 10
    June is not a good month to go TV shopping. TVs are typically the lowest in November and December. However there is one exception. The Sharp and Toshiba versions of the 46" and 47" LCD HDTVs are currently at an all-time low of $490.
    Image: iStock
    Source: Deal News

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Sources: Fox Business News, DealNews


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