10 Things My Husband Hates That I Blogged About

Since the launch of my itty bitty blog, my husband has been my illustrator, IT dude, troll defender, and sometimes reader. As a blog widower he came to understand that my blog became the 3rd wheel in our marriage.

As a notoriously private individual, there were things about blog culture my husband had difficulty understanding but through it all he’s pretty much managed to roll with it, probably a helluva lot better than I’d be able to if the tables were turned.

That doesn’t mean my blog hasn’t caused rifts between us. After 13 years of marriage and years of blogging, our relationship has had to find a way to rise above the satire and commentary associated with putting it all out there for the masses.

Allow me to reopen some old blog wounds and share the 10 things my husband hates that I blogged about.

  • His annual midlife crisis 1 of 10
    His annual midlife crisis
    This B.S. happens every. damn. year. So after 17 years together I finally exposed him for putting me through this annual hell.
  • Not reading my blog 2 of 10
    Not reading my blog
    He reads sometimes. Like if I use the word "vagina" or "boob" in the title, otherwise he'd rather look at bike porn. I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love
  • He shaves his legs 3 of 10
    He shaves his legs
    Getting my husband to vlog with me the first time he shaved his legs probably took a sex bribe - I don't remember. Watch the silky smooth live action here.
  • I don’t care about our anniversary 4 of 10
    I don't care about our anniversary
    I used to care about our anniversary, like a whole-whole bunch. Two kids and a whole bunch of years later, I'm sorta over it.
  • He sucks at laundry 5 of 10
    He sucks at laundry
    I expose him for the laundry fraud I believe him to be.

    [Image credit: My husband]
  • The Tour de France making me a single parent 6 of 10
    The Tour de France making me a single parent
    That header right there is like sacrilege in our household but I'm tired of being a single parent every July.
  • My doggone awkward marriage proposal 7 of 10
    My doggone awkward marriage proposal
    A cartoon dog and an unfinished Valentine's card; hey, it worked.
  • Not doin’ it 8 of 10
    Not doin' it
    I wrote about my childless night without sex and 20 Ways to Snub Your Lover. You do the sexy math.

    [Image credit: Shutterstock]
  • He’s king of the wild things 9 of 10
    He's king of the wild things
    It's hard enough to keep my two boys from killing each other regularly, add my husband into the mix and I'm totally screwed.

    [Image credit: My husband]
  • Sometimes he feels like another kid 10 of 10
    Sometimes he feels like another kid
    Hasn't every wife had this complaint? Do me a solid and tell my husband.

Wifey disclaimer: Big Daddy P, you are the ruler of my black, black heart. For you, I’d walk to the ends of the earth – or at least away from my laptop. Mad love XO.

Fess up! What does your partner hate that you’ve blogged about? Feel free to add links!

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