Top 10 Reasons Why Humans are Weird

live-science-humans-special-long-childhoodsIf you’re not watching the NOVA series on PBS, “Becoming Human,” you’re really missing out. It’s a three-hour series about the evolution of humans loaded with whens and hows and whys. Science has come a long way since you last sat in a high school classroom. In fact, the series is done so well that , once and for all, you’ll finally get the whole Lucy/Turkana boy/Human and homo erectus/homo habilis/homo sapien characteristics and sequencing. (Or was that just my little problem?)

So what’s the big deal about humans, anyway? Well, we’re just so darn special! And in ways that we hardly ever think about. Live Science has reduced our extraordinariness to 10 typically human features.

10. We have lives after children! Though it may not feel like it, some day your kids will be grown and gone and you’ll still be kicking. Some think this is so that the older generations can help the younger ones and our species can survive. (Tell that to the boomer grandparents!)

9. Long childhoods. Oh, this only feels like a burden right now. But it takes years to grow our big human brains — hey, your kids a genius for a reason!

8. Blushing. How embarrassing! Some say blushing is a way to keep society honest. Oh, go on …

7. Fire! You don’t see Mittens gathering up kindling now, do you?

6. Clothing. We cover up our shameful nakedness!

Read the rest here. (Spoiler alert: our big, smart brains is the No. 1 thing separating humans from animals)

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