10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong with Food THIS WHOLE TIME

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You’re doing it wrong.

Dude. You, over there, with the taco all over your shirt. What are you doing? That’s not how you eat a taco! I’ve got a secret that will BLOW YOUR MIND about how to properly eat a taco. You’ll never ruin another Corona tee again! And I can tell you how to best squeeze a lemon, as well as how to properly enjoy a cupcake. It’s all below, in this handy dandy list of 10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong with Food THIS WHOLE TIME. Take a look and learn something, would ya?

  • WRONG WAY: BLT 1 of 20
    Don't just use loose strips of bacon!
  • RIGHT WAY: BLT 2 of 20
    Basketweave your bacon! Mmmmm...
  • WRONG WAY: Lemons 3 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Lemons
    Trying to squeeze it with your hands.
  • RIGHT WAY: Lemons 4 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Lemons
    Squeeze a lemon using a tong. You'll get more juice and keep your hands drier.
  • WRONG WAY: Taco 5 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Taco
    Look at the mess you're making with that taco!
  • RIGHT WAY: Taco 6 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Taco
    Instead of using shredded lettuce as a topping, line your taco shells with lettuce leaves. That way, if/when your taco breaks, the stuff still stays inside!
  • WRONG WAY: Popsicle 7 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Popsicle
    Baby, you're getting melted popsicle everywhere!
  • RIGHT WAY: Popsicle 8 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Popsicle
    Let's just catch those drips in a cupcake liner, shall we?
  • WRONG WAY: Cherry Tomatoes 9 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Cherry Tomatoes
    Don't slice them individually!
  • RIGHT WAY: Cherry Tomatoes 10 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Cherry Tomatoes
    Put several of them in-between two plastic lids and slice them all at once! (Genius.)
  • WRONG WAY: PBJ 11 of 20
    Gloppy, sloppy jelly.
  • RIGHT WAY: PBJ 12 of 20
    Add extra peanut butter around the edges of both sides of the bread, then contain the jelly in the middle!
  • WRONG WAY: Banana 13 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Banana
    Opening it from the top can create a squishy mess and makes your banana all stringy.
  • RIGHT WAY: Banana 14 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Banana
    Do it from the bottom, like a monkey! No strings attached, plus you have a handle on the end!
  • WRONG WAY: Potato 15 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Potato
    Don't peel a potato with a knife or a peeler.
  • RIGHT WAY: Potato 16 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Potato
    Boil it, then place it in cold water for 5 minutes. You can just peel it with your bare hands!
    Photo credit: The Cool Gadgets
  • WRONG WAY: Pomegranate 17 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Pomegranate
    Pomegranates can be so messy. I tried opening one once and it looked like an episode of Dexter was just filmed in my kitchen.
  • RIGHT WAY: Pomegranate 18 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Pomegranate
    Score the pom's skin and then open it in a bowl full of water. The seeds will fall out, no messy white stuff to deal with, just drain and eat!
    Photo credit: good (cheap) eats
  • WRONG WAY: Cupcake 19 of 20
    WRONG WAY: Cupcake
    Don't eat all the frosting on the first bite!
  • RIGHT WAY: Cupcake 20 of 20
    RIGHT WAY: Cupcake
    Cut the cupcake in half, set the top on the bottom and use the bottom as the top! Voila! Cupcake sandwich!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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