10 Topics NOT To Discuss At This Years Holiday Dinner

10 Things NOT To Discuss At This Year's Holiday Dinner via BabbleSo what are your feelings about Thanksgiving? Christmas? Hanukkah?

Are you counting down the days as you merrily prepare the meal and welcome guests, or absolutely dreading having to eat with these people again?

Whether you are flying home to a fun-filled long weekend or hopping on the train to reach the most dysfunctional place on planet Earth, there are topics that you (and especially the crazier members of your family) should try as much as humanly possible to avoid talking about for those 3 to 5 hours you are all seated together.

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  • Who Got What 1 of 10
    Who Got What
    So, Aunt Mary left the expensive China to your cousin Larry instead of giving it to Sue. Don't bring it up, and if anyone (especially Sue or Larry) attempt to resurface old inheritance issues, quickly change the subject.
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  • Relatives Weight Gain, Alcohol Use, Drug Habit 2 of 10
    Relatives Weight Gain, Alcohol Use, Drug Habit
    You may have noticed that one relative looks particularly pudgy, sloshed or wide-eyed. Do you really want to call any more attention to what everyone (especially that person in question) is already thinking? Keep it zipped.
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  • Religion 3 of 10
    These next two are widely known for a good reason! There aren't very many (or any) families that I know who all practice the same religion or even have matching beliefs. Religion is one of the two things to not speak about in a roomful of people, especially when trying desperately to celebrate one another's company, which leads me to the next taboo topic...
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  • Politics 4 of 10
    Sure, you might be thrilled to the gills to see President Obama fulfill his second term, but not everyone is. Not only will politics cause friction, but it has been known to induce name calling and indigestion, neither of which make great family memories.
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  • Gossip 5 of 10
    It's true. Ashley got particularly nasty with cousin Ida who decided she could no longer pretend to like the vile woman, so she sent a very telling email to Ashley's husband saying.... Sure you'd like to know but for the sake of the children and peace in general, leave the gossip at the door (or better yet, in the car).
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  • When Are You Settling Down/ Having A Baby? 6 of 10
    When Are You Settling Down/ Having A Baby?
    Arggghhhh! Is there anything worse? You know the person being asked is dreading hearing it and the relative saying it is only being annoying. Please people, put a stop to it this year.
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  • Finances 7 of 10
    This year in particular will be difficult for many, especially those still in the midst of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. The well-off members of the family should try to refrain from talking about their new car, living room set, etc… It's just such a sensitive subject when others might be struggling to survive. It's not always a calculated dig either and can just start out innocently as a conversation opener, but a little modesty in all respects can be a good thing when it comes to self promotion, especially during the holidays. Often the lack of it brings up right into….
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  • Sibling Rivalry Stories 8 of 10
    Sibling Rivalry Stories
    You know when someone tells a funny story and it quickly escalates into: "That's because Johnny beat me up and stole my lollipop." And then…
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  • Favorite (Adult) Child 9 of 10
    Favorite (Adult) Child
    Quite a few people I know will take an innocent comment and spin it into a repressed childhood memory faster than you can dish out the main course. Tell me, have you heard, "That's because he was your favorite child," said by a 36-year-old man? It's unattractive to say the least, and oddly disturbing at the dinner table.
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  • Socially Speaking 10 of 10
    Socially Speaking
    No information that has ever been acquired from any Facebook status or tweet should ever be divulged at the dinner table, holiday or not. Those so-called innocent-because-they-are-public-knowledge tidbits have been known to put people on the spot, cause fights, reveal lies, and falsify facts. Keep in on the computer and away from the family meal.
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