10 Toy Safety Tips for a Safe Christmas

1137299_58075337In just two days the wrapping paper will fly, and kids everywhere will finally get their hands on those new toys that have been tempting them for weeks.

Parents can ensure a safe and happy Christmas playtime and make sure that those new toys are safe for their kids by following these 1o toy safety tips from chief of emergency Dr. Tony Woodward at Seattle Children’s Hospital:

  • Check the labels to make sure the toy is age-appropriate and matches your child’s skill level.
  • Avoid toys with small pieces for children under age 3 these can become choking hazards. A good rule of thumb: if it can fit in a toilet paper role, it is too small.
  • For toddlers and babies, avoid toys with metal parts, cords or strings.
  • Avoid letting young children play with toys that have magnets. Warn older children to never put magnets in their mouth.
  • For electric toys, only choose ones that say “UL Approved” this means they have passed certain safety standards.
  • Dispose of plastic wrapping and other packaging right away.
  • Help your child understand the instructions.
  • Check toys often for damage if a toy cannot be fixed, throw it away.
  • If you have older children, remember to keep their toys out of reach of your toddler or infant.
  • Sign up to receive recall notices on child products, including toys, from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at

Some of these tips can be tricky in the chaos of Christmas morning, but keeping kids safe is every parents’ priority.  For more toy safety information, visit Seattle Children’s.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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