10 Unfortunate and Hilarious Back-to-school Fails (Photos)

10 Back to School Fails to Make You LaughIt’s back to school for most children in United States this week and parents across the nation are heaving a collective sigh. The months long cry of ‘I’m bored’ followed by the August scramble for school supplies is behind us. It is time to deliver our children into the capable hands of our nation’s learning institutions.

Let’s celebrate the occasion with a little humor at the expense of education. Shall we? Check out these 10 back to school fails guaranteed to make you laugh:

  • Head start program 1 of 10
    Head start program
    I'm not sure this is what their parents had in mind when the school assured their parents they would develop skills to prepare them for college.
  • One way to shape a young mind 2 of 10
    One way to shape a young mind
    I hope the difference they make does not pertain to spelling.
  • Where’s a spellcheck when you need one? 3 of 10
    Where's a spellcheck when you need one?
    Perhaps, the Dallas Independent School District should be more dependent on a dictionary.
  • How ironic 4 of 10
    How ironic
    Maybe they should have had one of the winners assemble the letters on this sign.
  • Wine party 5 of 10
    Wine party
    I'm assuming this display is meant to appeal to the parents celebrating a little peace and quiet.
  • An unfortunate omission 6 of 10
    An unfortunate omission
    I hesitate to ask what the curriculum at a pubic school would consist of.
  • This is just sad 7 of 10
    This is just sad
    A little education reform could straighten this mess out.
  • Abbreviation fail 8 of 10
    Abbreviation fail
    You'll want to bring a little protection to this school's open house.
  • Not so sharp at Sharp 9 of 10
    Not so sharp at Sharp
    Looks like someone's brain could stand to do a few more push-ups.
  • You’re going to need more paint 10 of 10
    You're going to need more paint
    This was a very bad day for someone at the Department of Transportation.

For even more back to school fails check out the Huffington Post.

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