10 Valentine's Ideas To Make Every Mom A Star (Or Crazy)

valentine's ideas
Will you be creating a Valentine's fort?

I’m getting myself ready for another year of Valentine’s Day pressure. It’s just a couple of days away and I can already hear the scissors cutting construction paper and the timers going off on the ovens all over the country. Lots of you are out there creating cozy home decorations and making handmade cards for everyone you know. Me? Not so much.

Every year I give my children one small Valentine’s gift – a little token of my love for them. ¬†Last year, they were small stones in the shape of hearts that they now keep on their bedside tables. ¬†Other than that, we’re perfectly happy whipping out some crappy, store-bought Valentine’s cards for their school friends in under 10 minutes.

Here are 10 things I’m convinced all of you are doing for Valentine’s Day that I’m hoping you’re really not, so that I won’t feel like a total mom fail …

  • Valentine’s Fireplace Mantels 1 of 10
    Valentine's Fireplace Mantels
    I will not be decorating my fireplace mantel, or any other part of my house, for Valentine's Day. Do we seriously have to start decorating for every holiday now? What does one put up for Grandparents Day?
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  • Valentine’s Card Boxes 2 of 10
    Valentine's Card Boxes
    The new thing is having special mailboxes for your kids to get their Valentine cards at school. Mine will be bringing a shoebox, maybe wrapped in pink tissue paper.
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  • Heart-shaped Pancakes 3 of 10
    Heart-shaped Pancakes
    I always plan to make heart pancakes on Valentine's Day, but since we only get up 30 minutes before school it never works out. Maybe I should be heartless and make them get up at the crack of dawn just so they can have heart pancakes.
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  • Valentine’s Forts 4 of 10
    Valentine's Forts
    Wow. I'd actually like it if someone built me one of these.
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  • Valentine’s Wreaths 5 of 10
    Valentine's Wreaths
    I'm impressed by people who have wreaths for every occasion. Sorry, but I just can't find my scissors ...
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  • Valentine’s Hot Dogs 6 of 10
    Valentine's Hot Dogs
    I'm supposed to turn my hot dogs and cheese into hearts and arrows now?
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  • Valentine’s Snoballs 7 of 10
    Valentine's Snoballs
    I will not be spending gobs of money on fancy cupcakes, mainly because I don't have gobs of money.
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  • Valentine’s Teacher Gifts 8 of 10
    Valentine's Teacher Gifts
    All the teachers are going to hate me when I say this, but I don't give my kids' teachers gifts for every occasion. I just don't. Christmas, and that's it.
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  • Valentine’s Day Games 9 of 10
    Valentine's Day Games
    This supremely clever mom has come up with all sorts of games to play with her kids for Valentine's Day. I feel like any minute someone's going to revoke my mom card ...
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  • Valentine’s Treats 10 of 10
    Valentine's Treats
    I can imagine the nervous breakdown I'd have trying to get all of those candies into teensy little bags for custom Valentine's candy treats.
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