10 Video Memories of Your Kids You Don't Want to Miss

One … two … three … GO!

At this stage our kids are so trained, they often hold their breath during big moments as we scramble for our digital cameras and video. We are certain we can’t live without that first ‘roll over’, those first steps, first words, first recital and first day of school, but it is truly the unscripted moments, the ones we catch just because we were paying attention, that will be the ones we treasure most.

I’m talking about the moments you call the in-laws about, the ones you post on Facebook (describing in WORDS that magical moment) because THIS is how you want to remember your children. These are moments you’ll want on video.

Wondering what you don’t want to miss? Looking for Oscar-worthy family moments to grab? Here are my favorites, along with some stellar suggestions from friends.

  • Tickle Your Small People 1 of 10
    Tickle Your Small People
    You will want to remember the sound of your child's belly laugh. Tickle them and capture that memory forever.
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  • Sibling Love 2 of 10
    Sibling Love
    There is nothing better than the moments when your kids are kind to each other. Have the camera nearby for those (sometimes-rare) events. This can be used to remind them that they are, in fact, capable of being nice to each other.
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  • Simple Conversation 3 of 10
    Simple Conversation
    You will want to remember the sound of your child's voice as they grow, as well as the simple chats you had as their curiosity grew.
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  • Reading 4 of 10
    What a magical memory! Your children learning to read — and better yet? Maybe reading to a younger brother or sister ...
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  • Singing and Dancing 5 of 10
    Singing and Dancing
    As your kids get older, they will be less likely to spontaneously break into song and dance. The memory of their willingness to let go and sing their hearts out is priceless.
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  • Pure Joy 6 of 10
    Pure Joy
    Catch them being kids: running through the sprinklers, playing tag with friends, building a fort — anything that brings them pure kid-like joy. (A bonus? Capture their imagination in action!)
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  • Temper Tantrums 7 of 10
    Temper Tantrums
    Most kids have them. This can be a good reminder for you (look at how far they've come) and for them (what they never want to look like again).
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  • Answering Three Questions 8 of 10
    Answering Three Questions
    Where would you go if you could fly? If you could be any Superhero, who would it be? What is your favorite food? At different ages, pick three random questions and have your kids answer them on camera. This is a fun way to tap into their thoughts, growth, and curiosity. After all, kids say the darndest things, don't they?
  • Sports (or Any Loved Activity) 9 of 10
    Sports (or Any Loved Activity)
    What does your child LOVE to do? Play football? The piano? Skip rocks? Get video of it. You (and they) will want to remember how that love started.
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  • Hand Them the Camera 10 of 10
    Hand Them the Camera
    Let your kids be the director. Sometimes they want to be in control and turning the camera on you to ask the questions and catch the moment may be just what they need to tap in to their inner Steven Spielberg.
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