10 Ways Moms Can Instantly Destress!

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Perhaps we're multi-tasking too much?

A Forbes poll recently revealed that whether you are a working mom or a stay-at home mom, you are a little stressed out.

In fact, they say that both groups are equally stressed. While the poll made some buzz in the media, was any mom really surprised by it?

I certainly wasn’t. Parenting is stressful no matter how you arrange it your family’s work schedule. But it doesn’t have to only stress because there are quick ways to bring some tranquility to a busy day.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 instant ways that I destress during one of those days.


What is your best pick-me-up? Share with us in the comments below.


  • Coffee 1 of 10
    I really enjoy coffee but I don't have it everyday. Yet when I am stressed, I find savoring an iced coffee (or a hot coffee when it's cold out) calms me immediately.
  • Call a friend 2 of 10
    Call a friend
    Sure, for some people venting doesn't work, but for others, letting off some steam or going over a situation with a good friend brings you clarity and peace.
  • Watch a movie 3 of 10
    Watch a movie
    No matter what is going on in my day, I can almost guarantee that watching a Meryl Streep movie will make me feel better. It's a guilty pleasure I thoroughly enjoy. And Alec Baldwin doesn't hurt either!
  • Get outside and appreciate nature 4 of 10
    Get outside and appreciate nature
    I often feel there is entirely too much going on in my head between work and home, but getting out in a park or on the beach brings me back to the basics. It also gives me a lot of gratitude for the world we live in.
  • Run (or walk) 5 of 10
    Run (or walk)
    There is nothing like moving to get the endorphins pumping (especially when you don't want to). I have never gone on a brisk walk alone to collect my thoughts and regretted it. I feel so much better every time I do.
  • Listen to your favorite music 6 of 10
    Listen to your favorite music
    Many of you know already know about my affection (obsession) with the Dave Matthews Band. I can listen to any of their music and instantly feel better. Plus, some of their lyrics speak to me so deeply, they help me realize what is important in the middle of a chaotic day, and soothe my inward mental drama.
  • Sleep 7 of 10
    I am not exaggerating at all when I say that a 20-minute catnap makes a huge difference in a day when you have been up all night with a sick child or a new baby. You don't even need a full hour, just 20 minutes makes you feel like a person again. So seriously, when the baby sleeps, forget the dishes and take a nap!
  • Ask for help 8 of 10
    Ask for help
    However, if you wake up rested but overwhelmed, ask for help! Most of the time when I am overwhelmed, I know I can ask someone to help me and it would make a huge difference, but sometimes I don't and just complain, which I know I shouldn't. So instead of saying, 'this place is a mess', when I calmly ask my kids and hubby to do the dishes or vacuum, it lightens the load a lot!
  • Identify what doesn’t have to get done today 9 of 10
    Identify what doesn't have to get done today
    Often I will think about future things I need to do and lump them all in my mind together. But I often don't need to do everything that day. By identifying what I need to get done today and only today, I take the pressure off myself and work more productively.
  • Unplug 10 of 10
    Give yourself a break from being available 24/7. That means not answering emails, texts, or even phone calls right away. Let your various devices pick up your messages and resist the temptation to check email. In many ways, modern technology can hold us captive to our real lives if we allow it.

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