10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single (Or a Single Mom)

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The love of friends is as great as any.

If you’re not married or dating anyone and you dread the thought of seeing lovers all around you shoving their bliss in your face on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry – you don’t have to just stay home with your face under a pillow. There are lots of ways you can have your own celebration on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re a single man, woman, mom or dad. I’ve come up with 10 great ideas for you, your friends and/or your kids, but there are so many more things you can do to keep yourself from crying and/or getting drunk alone. Just be creative and stop feeling like a lesser human being because you’re not coupled off!

Here areĀ 10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single (Or a Single Mom):

  • Volunteer 1 of 10
    Volunteer dates are all the rage for winter, so you may find love while you're helping people, but you'll also find perspective about your own life. Great way to teach kids about the real meaning of love and compassion, too. Plus, talking to and learning from old people is just the best, so if there's no soup kitchen near you, trying bringing valentines to a senior home.
  • Make Crafts 2 of 10
    Make Crafts
    If you've got kids, spend the night making glittery hearts and writing love letters to friends and family members. If you're an adult without children, get a bunch of friends together and have a craft party! I went to one recently and it was a lot of fun. There are even big city crafting events/parties and shops that will let you host your own, like Little Shop of Crafts in New York.
  • Go Out to Dinner 3 of 10
    Go Out to Dinner
    Valentine's Day dinners aren't just for couples! Go to a nice pizza shop where the atmosphere is less lovey-dovey and formal but still warm and fun and make a night of it!
  • Visit the Museum 4 of 10
    Visit the Museum
    Museums are way underrated in most parts of America, but if you live in a big city, exploring the museums around you is a must. My daughter and I go to museums pretty frequently, and she loves it, but it's also a great thing to do with friends. If you want to add a Valentine's Day theme to your outing, search for paintings or sculptures about love or romance.
  • Take a Yoga Class 5 of 10
    Take a Yoga Class
    YourTango recommends taking a yoga class as part of their 5 Tips to Survive Valentine's Day Single. Remember - Singles Yoga is a thing now, so you can go to class in an attempt to forget your last love and focus on yourself, or if you're ready to find someone new, wear your cutest tank and some mascara and see what happens!
  • Host a Tea Party 6 of 10
    Host a Tea Party
    Obviously a great thing to do with little girls (I'm thinking of taking my daughter to tea this year), but also fun for adults, too. You can have your tea party at a restaurant that specializes in that sort of thing, or you can just have one at home. Send invites in time to ask everyone to swing by the local thrift shop to purchase a tea cup for themselves to bring to the party. Also a great excuse to buy and serve fancy chocolate!
  • Make It a Movie Night 7 of 10
    Make It a Movie Night
    You can watch an animated feature with the kids or get your gal pals together and watch your favorite comedy or romance. If you're super into themes, host a Casablanca night where everyone dresses like 40's screen sirens or wears a fedora. It's easy to do something cute and clever on basically no budget.
  • Create an At-Home Spa 8 of 10
    Create an At-Home Spa
    Mother-daughter mani-pedis are a good way to spend any evening, but make this night special by doing facials or hair treatments. Works with grown-up friends, too.
  • Host a Dinner Party 9 of 10
    Host a Dinner Party
    Get all your favorite people together, tell them to dress up if they want, buy some wine, make it a pot luck - BOOM - now you all have awesome dates on Valentine's Day. The love of good friends is as great as any other!
  • Go See a Live Show 10 of 10
    Go See a Live Show
    I'm dying to take my daughter to see her first Broadway show, and Valentine's Day would be a special night to do it. Even if you live in a small town, there's always a local band playing somewhere! If you don't want to see theatre, why not check out a comedy, variety or burlesque performance? Lots of big cities have special events on Valentine's Day for the brokenhearted, too, like my friend Jon Friedman's Rejection Show Heartbreak Haven.
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