10 Worst Halloween Costumes for Babies

Baby Joystick
I had to throw Baby Joystick in for good measure. Love it or leave it?

Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever has come up with a list of the 50 Creepiest Baby Halloween Costumes, and of her top 50, I’ve chosen the ten absolute worst.  Let’s start with an icon I consider to be the most spine-crawling – a visual nails-on-the-chalkboard if you will, the Jack-in-the-Box.  Who would dress their baby as a Jack-in-the-Box?  Someone who wants to give everyone they meet nightmares, that’s who!

Baby Jack-in-the-Box
10. Baby Jack-in-the-Box. I will haunt your dreams! (I hope he doesn't pop up every time he wants to breastfeed.)
Baby Trapped in Web
9. Baby Trapped in Web. Please tell me this is a metaphor for our overuse of technology. Otherwise, it's just wrong.
Alien Chicken Baby
8. Alien Chicken Baby. The look on this poor kid's face really says it all.
Rabbai Baby
7. Rabbi Baby. Which is almost as bad as....
Baby Priest
6. Baby Priest. Too... many... inappropriate... jokes... running... through... my brain...
Baby Gnome
5. Baby Gnome. This one's not so much inappropriate as it is strange and just gives me the willies. (Which is totally a creepy word.) Unless Travelocity is going to send you royalty checks, I say skip it.
Baby Trooper
4. Baby Trooper. Or is he a Baby Forest Ranger? I can't tell. Either way, this kid looks way too comfortable with his authority. That, or he's enjoying the sweet doo he just made in his dipe.
Baby Peep
3. Baby Peep. Baby chicky? Adorable. Baby edible marshmallow candy promoting brand logo? Gross.
Baby Air Freshener
2. Baby Air Freshener. I have to say, I'm torn about this one. I sort of love it and sort of hate it. I don't like that the baby looks so uncomfortable in there, but I do love the smell of fresh pine...
Baby Pimp
1. Baby Pimp. Just... just don't do this to your kid. Even if his name is Benjamin.

Check out Michelle’s entire list here, and let me know if you agree with my top ten!  Feel free to add bad costume examples of your own in the comments.

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