10 Worst Names for Boys: From the Weird to the Wacky to the Culturally Questionable

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10 Worst Names for Baby Boys

Picking a name for your child is a very important decision.  You want to select something strong, handsome but you don’t want to pick a name that will get your kid picked on at the playground. But some parents, they give their baby boys names that range from weird, to wacky, to monikers that were once fine and traditional but now are fodder for kids to make fun of.

Here are ten of the worst names for boys from social statements to names affected by social changes.

You know that song The Name Game? Well, when you get to the letter F, the rhyming game goes from rated G to rated R.  Also, all the up-chuck jokes probably get tiring.

These days, this moniker has lost its’ popularity as a shortened version of the name Richard. Instead boys and men opt for Richie, or Rich or just sticking with Richard. Dick, well it has a couple meaning that a little boy would not be too keen on.

A family in New Jersey opted to not just name their son Adolf but named him Adolf Hitler. It was such a poor choice of names that child protection officials removed their son from his home, but they did say that the real reason was not due to his name.

Now there is nothing wrong with being gay. But young boys on the school yard, they often haven’t realized that yet. A boy named Gaylord, in most elementary school,  will be teased  and called things like Lord of the Gays, and “lord, you are so gay.”

Parents are very proud of their offspring, but usually their pride manifests itself in their actions and words. But this one New Zealand couple? They choose to share their feelings about their son with his name –  Superman. But Superman was their second choice. They initially wanted to name their son 4Real but New Zealand officials vetoed that one.

Johnny Cash made his own statement on ill-fitting baby names with his classic song A Boy Named Sue. But at least the tale in the ditty had a happy ending.

The meaning of the name is actually “carrier of the light” but is best known as another name for Satan. And really, what little kid wants to be called Satan.

rfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced Albin)
A Swedish couple named their baby rfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 which somehow is supposed to be pronounced Albin. They actually picked this name to protest Sweden strict naming laws and somehow this one got through.

A couple in China named their son @. Apparently the at symbol looked a lot like the Chinese symbol for “love him.” In the west would we just call him ‘at’?

To celebrate the Egyptian revolution a couple named their son Facebook. But as we know, media transforms pretty darn quick. Will people twenty years from now even know what Facebook is?

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