100 Years Ago She Was Considered The ‘Perfect Woman’

Foxy lady.

I am constantly fascinated by the ever-changing physique in regard to what is considered the ideal woman; curvy to skinny to skinniest and back to voluptuous.

From the bodacious bod of Marilyn Monroe to the stick thin Kate Moss and back to the booty-full with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, the ideal has run the gamut of sizes.

But let’s go back further than Mz. Monroe. Let us jump into our way back machines and check out what dudes were digging 100 years ago.

According to The Huffington Post, the ideal woman of 1912 was 171 pounds, pear-shaped, and loved beefsteaks.

I was clearly born in the wrong decade. If this was the ideal 100 years ago I would’ve been the Marilyn Monroe of my time.

Gothamist dug up an old article that declared 24-year-old Elsie Scheel the ideal woman. Out of 400 other coeds from Cornell, Scheel was considered the “most nearly perfect specimen of womanhood.”

Let’s take a look at the qualifications that got her there, shall we?

NY Times

In case you can’t read the fine print there, Elsie’s measurements are 34C-30-40. At 171 pounds she was declared to be “physically perfect.” According to the paper that originally published the article, The Star, Elsie prefers the aforementioned beefsteaks to candy and delicacies. She rarely eats breakfast, finding two meals a day perfectly sufficient.

Blogger, Kate Harding, calculated Elsie’s measurements and how she’d stack up today and here’s what she came up with.

Miss Elsie Scheel’s BMI would have been 26.8, placing her squarely in today’s dreaded “overweight” category. At Banana Republic, to pick a random contemporary store, she would wear a size 8 top, a 12/14 bottom, and probably a 12 dress with the bust taken in.

Harding also notes that just 12 years later, during the roaring twenties, a woman of Elsie Scheel’s height should weigh 110 pounds and measure 34-22-34. That’s a drop of 60 pounds in just 12 years. Society, you so crazy.

Elsie is educated, well-traveled and tells the paper that “the making of a home is a worthiest work a woman can do” but is also said to be an “ardent suffragette” and tells the paper that she is interested in horticulture but if she were a man she’d study mechanical engineering. The paper also reports,”She has never been ill and doesn’t know what fear is.” She tells women they would “be happier if they got over the fear of things.”

All in all, Elsie is touted as the “athletic, fresh air product of modern civilization.” She likes outdoor sports, walking and her hobby is “motoring.” I don’t know about ideal measurements, but Elsie sounds pretty bad ass in all other arenas of life. What do you think?

You can read all about the perfect woman, Elsie Scheel, right here.

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