12 Best Marriage Equality Symbol Memes: From Game of Thrones to Black Flag to Bacon

Were you seeing red on your Facebook feed this week? If so, you are not alone. Many who support marriage equality changed their profile photo to the very simple red equality symbol. The Human Rights Campaign asked people to make the change on Tuesday, the day when the Supreme Court began to hear arguments about California’s ban on same-sex marriage (on Wednesday, the Supreme Court will tackle the Defense of Marriage Act). And, of course, people began to have fun with the symbol and making it their own mashing up the symbol with bacon, to Black Flag’s logo to Game of Thrones. Check out 12 of the best marriage equality symbol memes here:

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  • Peanuts Love 2 of 13
    Peanuts Love
    Peppermint Pattie and Marcie show their enthusiasm for marriage equality!
  • Bacon 3 of 13
    For those support gay marriage AND bacon.
  • True Blood 4 of 13
    True Blood
    For True Blood fans who also love the idea of gay marriage...and vampires.
    Photo Source: Facebook/ True Blood
  • Bert and Ernie 5 of 13
    Bert and Ernie
    Of course Burt and Ernie support gay marriage. The two can finally tie the knot!
  • Black Flag 6 of 13
    Black Flag
    A punk rock take on the red bars - Black Flag style.
    Photo Source: Facebook/ Dangerous Minds
  • Game of Thrones 7 of 13
    Game of Thrones
    "Lord Renly wishes Happy #MarriageEquality Day to all in the realm." Yup, a Game of Thrones meme. Awesome.
    Photo Source: Instagram/ Game of Thrones
  • Lion King 8 of 13
    Lion King
    George Takei posted this one. "From a friend. One day we'll look back and say, "This is where we drew the lion." And it has 59,162 likes and counting!
    Photo Source: Facebook/ George Takei
  • Division 9 of 13
    A clever play on math symbols.
  • All Heart 10 of 13
    All Heart
    San Francisco art store did this arty take with a whole lot of heart.
    Photo Source: Flax
  • Paula Deen 11 of 13
    Paula Deen
    George Takei posted this Paula Deen take off too. Hilarious.
    Photo Source: Facebook/ George Takei
  • Liberty and Justice 12 of 13
    Liberty and Justice
    Visible Friends put together this poignant version. Liberty and Justice for ALL!
    Photo Source: Visable Friends
  • Divine! 13 of 13
    The dearly departed John Waters star Divine has a point to make.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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