11 Biggest Thanksgiving Day Complaints & Why Complaining May Actually Be Good for You

It's Turkey Time or is it Complaining Time?

You have now been given permission to bitch, moan and complain away. According to new reports, complaining can actually be good for you, and there is no time like the present to embrace our inner-Grinch and gripe.

With Thanksgiving days away, many of us have already started on an anti-Turkey Day tirade. While some may think of it as mean-spirited, jaded or merely bitter banter, to us who do go off on the holidays, it is a great big relief to hear that all that bitching can indeed be beneficial. Why is it that complaining is suddenly getting a positive spin?

There are two points that MSNBC (via Jezebel) brings up:

“Complaining can help inspire people to change a bad situation.” With an expert saying, “In order to actually change the system, you’ve got to know what’s wrong with it.” Like “my husband’s turkey totally sucks. Maybe I’ll make it this year.”

“The best two words to motivate an expert may be, “You stink!”” They added that,newbies thrive on positive feedback, but when you’re dealing with a pro, it may be best to give it to him straight.”  So one might just say to the hubby “your turkey totally sucks,” and maybe he’ll improve.

So, let the complaining begin! In honor of Thanksgiving, here are 11 big Thanksgiving complaints. Have you heard yourself saying any of these?

1) I’m so going to gain too much weight from Thanksgiving dinner. I better not have that third piece of pumpkin pie.

2) Turkey. As our own Mike Adamick said, “God I wish the pilgrims had killed a pig instead. Or even a more delicious bird. Anything!”

3) “The grocery store … it’s the day all of the people who aren’t usually allowed out into the world because they do not PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS hit the grocery store. And I find it difficult to maintain an attitude of cheer and gratitude,” Amy stated.

4) The turkey is overcooked.

5) The turkey is undercooked.

6) “All the stuff on my list is missing from the shelves … everyone eats the same Thanksgiving dinner … who was responsible for writing the Thanksgiving dinner rules?” complained Jared.

7) “Why do family members INSIST on having traditional menu items on the table that NO ONE wants to eat?!” Dre moaned.

8) Why do we have to invite the whole family? We don’t even like the Uncle (fill in blank). Better stock up on the gin.

9) Man, grocery prices have gone up. $72 for a bird? Really?

10) I don’t have time to clean the house up to the in-laws standards. So what if there is dried Play-Doh under the couch?

11) And then there is the complaint of not having a complaint. Penny said, “I tried, I can’t think of a single complaint, it’s the BEST holiday!! Love every bit of it!”

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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