11 Fun Ways to Incorporate Kids Into a Proposal

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Image Source: Thinkstock

The day my husband asked me to marry him was one of the most memorable days in my life. There was no flash mob or lip dub performance nor was there a stadium full of onlookers. Instead, it was him, my (our) daughter, and me.  We were sitting at my favorite breakfast place, my daughter and I seated side by side at our booth. I’ll never forget looking at her face when a tiny box containing a sparkly ring appeared. Both our faces lit up: “We” were going to marry daddy.

Despite the trend of elaborate proposals I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. I got to share a special moment with both of the people who meant the world to me. I loved that my daughter was there beside me and a part of the memory as opposed to her being one of the many people I told the story to.

Although proposals are productions more often than not these days, I love hearing sweet stories where the children got to be a part of things. (Like the story of a father who had his newborn wear a onesie that asked if mommy would marry her daddy.) And with some couples having children before tying the knot and single parents getting hitched we live in a world where it’s very possible that the baby carriage will come before marriage.

Below are 11 fun ways to involve children in a proposal:

1. Wear A Shirt

Have your little one wear a onesie or shirt that has your very important question written on it.

2. Go To Your Favorite Family Restaurant

Go to your favorite family restaurant and order a very “special” dessert. A lot of restaurants are happy to assist in helping make sure things turn out great so just ask!

3. Cook A Special Meal At Home

Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a 3 course dinner, surprise mom by cooking her a special meal. Let the children help you prepare and serve the food. After she’s done let her know you have one more treat in store for her.

4. Make A Special Photo Album

Make a special photo album or book and fill it with family photos. On the last page have a photo of you and the kids holding a sign that says “Will you marry me?”

5. Say It With Chalk

Grab the kids and let them help spell it out with chalk on the driveway, wall, sidewalk or anywhere else that’s chalk friendly.

6. Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Send mom or dad on a scavenger hunt and enlist the littles to help.

7. Make Signs

Proposals at sports events are really popular. How about a basketball tournament or little league game? Take out the crayons and markers and let the children draw signs. Hold them up at their next sports game or better enlist your children and some of their friends to do it while the two of you sit in the stands.

8. Put The Ring On The Baby’s Toes

A popular newborn photo idea is the one where mom and dad’s wedding rings are photographed on baby’s toes. Consider doing this with an engagement ring. Surprise mom with the photo or do it during the photo session and ask the photographer to capture the moment.

9. Bake A Cake

Bake a cake and be sure to use icing to spell out the proposal question.

10. Write A Song

Kids love making music. Write a song and put on a show.

11. Pop The Question While Inside A Photo Booth

I once saw photos of the cutest proposal done in a photo booth! The expressions of the happy couple were captured thanks to the photo booth camera. Why not squeeze the entire family inside and pop the question?



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