11 Funniest Valentine’s Day Ecards for Moms and Dads

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Funny and free Valentine’s Day ecards!

Valentine’s Day is a day for showering the one you love with chocolates and flowers and greeting cards made just for this special holiday.

(Although, why on Earth you need a holiday to tell someone you love them is beyond me.)

While plenty of Valentine’s cards offer up sentimental crap poetry and romantic notions, some moms and dads like the funny just a little bit more than the romance.

These funny free e-cards from,, and HaHas for HooHas really speak to moms our plight, our struggles, our everyday mundane crapola.

And yes… there are a few for dads too!

Check out the Evolution of Valentine’s Day Cards for a virtual history of valentines.

  • Mushy Valentine 1 of 11
    Mushy Valentine
    Get the mushy part right on Valentine's Day!
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  • Promises, promises 2 of 11
    Promises, promises
    Maybe not quite what you had in mind this Valentine's Day, huh?
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  • Bedtime fun? 3 of 11
    Bedtime fun?
    Well... not exactly.
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  • Twitter trending topic! 4 of 11
    Twitter trending topic!
    Social media moms and dads will love this one.
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  • For the Ryan Gosling fans 5 of 11
    For the Ryan Gosling fans
    My husband knows I have a crush on him ... who doesn't?
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  • Life wouldn’t be the same without mom 6 of 11
    Life wouldn't be the same without mom
    Says it all, doesn't it?
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  • TV lovers 7 of 11
    TV lovers
    Because sometimes married life is just like this.
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  • Big dinner second? 8 of 11
    Big dinner second?
    ‘Tis true, isn't it?
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  • Because doing chores is sexy 9 of 11
    Because doing chores is sexy
    Seriously, isn't it the most romantic gesture when your husband does chores?
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  • Reservation for romance 10 of 11
    Reservation for romance
    Romantic home cooked meals are a pain in the a** to pull off. Better make those rezzies.
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  • Spoon or ladle? 11 of 11
    Spoon or ladle?
    "We spoon so good, it should be called ladle."
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