11 Funniest Videos of Kids Falling Asleep While Eating

As parents, we’ve probably all experienced that moment of watching your sleepy baby or toddler crashing mid-meal. But how many of you have videotaped those moments and put them on YouTube?

We’ve assembled our top 11 favorite hilarious videos of kids falling asleep while eating, because God love ‘em they keep on keepin’ on, despite having a case of the mid-meal sleepies.

From the kid determined to lick an ice cream cone, sleep be damned, to the little guy falling asleep in his cereal, these guys and girls are beyond cute.

Kid eating ice cream he’s determined to get the job done at all costs!



Because nodding off into your bowl is funny:



Must finish. So tired.



Sleep eating takes skill!



That must be some good corn:



A rude awakening. Aww!



This kid had a promising start, but just couldn’t hold on.



My husband’s cousin… I’m impressed how, despite exhaustion, he gets up and takes the bowl to the sink


[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/lP5Smc2ADZs’ width=’640′ height=’390′]


Not gonna make it, mom.


[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/KZaMosDIQyY’ width=’640′ height=’390′]


Going out with a whimper.


[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/JwhZlkgyc78′ width=’640′ height=’390′]


Birthday cake snooze


[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/E3IFA0N5H8k’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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