11 Hilarious Photos Depicting How Wives Should Undress in Front of their Husbands, Circa 1937

It’s not as if it’s a complete surprise that there may or may not be a right and wrong way for a wife to undress in front of her husband. For instance, some wives will argue it’s totally necessary back up to the bathroom if they’re nude, lest they risk giving their husbands a full moon where the sun don’t shine.

But to learn there was once a school teaching wives how to do it?

The Allen Gilbert School of Undressing once existed, apparently. And in 1937, Life magazine featured a series of photos demonstrating how wives should undress in front of their husbands in the bedroom.

Take a look at the photos (courtesy of Retron
) and see if you can learn something:

  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Undressing 1 of 11
    The Do's and Don't's of Undressing
    The Don't is on the left. The Do is on the right, and she's none other than "ex-Burlesque stripper, Professor June St. Clair."
    Ah, a Ph.D. in Undressing. Raise your hand if you think you missed your calling.
  • Don’t and Do 2 of 11
    Don't and Do
    This really writes itself.
  • Don’t do this 3 of 11
    Don't do this
    Not sexy in any decade.
  • Don’t do this, either 4 of 11
    Don't do this, either
    When revealing a garter belt and teddy, best to smile seductively rather than scowl disdainfully, am I right, ladies?
  • Do do this 5 of 11
    Do do this
    Don't feel intimidated because she's so good. She's a professor, after all.
  • Maybe do this 6 of 11
    Maybe do this
    She's getting a little better.
  • Definitely do this! 7 of 11
    Definitely do this!
    Smiles everyone! Smiles!
  • And DEFINITELY do this! 8 of 11
    And DEFINITELY do this!
    Her focus is on the pantyhose, but your focus is a little further north, no?
  • Smile, yes, but not like that 9 of 11
    Smile, yes, but not like that
    Take it down a notch, honey.
  • Va-va-va-VOOM 10 of 11
    [Cue the burlesque music]
  • She really is a pro 11 of 11
    She really is a pro
    Let's give her a hand (particularly since hers seem to be otherwise occupied).

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