11 Road Trip Games and Activities to Keep Everyone Happy!

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Road trip games and activities

Remember the road trips of old? We had nothing but each other to pass the time on the open road, but now, smart phones, MP3 players, DVD players and handheld video games keep riders occupied.

If you’re hitting the road for a long car ride, consider some of these fun car games and activities to pass the time.

Ultimately, you may want a mix of tech stuff and old school games (check out our Gadget Road Trip Survival Guide), but these games and activities are a hit every time.

Let us know your favorite car games to play on trips!

  • I Spy 1 of 11
    I Spy
    The classic game of I Spy can pass some of the time on the road, although it may get limited in the items you can spy after awhile.
  • Mad Libs 2 of 11
    Mad Libs
    It's old school, but never loses its charm. Plus, it's educational adverbs, nouns, adjectives and the like.
  • ABC Game 3 of 11
    ABC Game
    Pick a category (or don't) and then each person in the car takes a crack at rattling off an item with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Scavenger Hunt 4 of 11
    Scavenger Hunt
    Print one out online or make up your own before you leave for vacation. Everyone can be in on the hunt!
  • Storyteller 5 of 11
    Either take turns telling stories or have one person start with a title, then each player adds a sentence or two, building a unique story.
  • Trivia 6 of 11
    Snag a stack of trivia cards from a junior Trivial Pursuit or other game and leave the rest of the box at home. Test everyone's trivia in the car.
  • Acronym Game 7 of 11
    Acronym Game
    One person gives another three letters and they have to create a three word description of the acronym. Example, one person gives the letters ILS, the other player creates the acronym description: "International Llama Society." Giggling ensues.
  • Would You Rather 8 of 11
    Would You Rather
    Offer up two "Would You Rather" options and have other family members pick the alternative that they'd be better off with. Beware that, depending on ages, these options may start to get a little disgusting.
  • Joke Telling 9 of 11
    Joke Telling
    Make up silly jokes and challenge your punchline-making abilities. Usually, the sillier the better.
  • Hangman 10 of 11
    Get out the pencil and paper (or a magnetic version) and create some fun Hangman word challenges for the kids. Though we'd like a kinder name to this game, the options are limitless.
  • Other Road Trip Activities 11 of 11
    Other Road Trip Activities
    Stock up on a variety of other road trip activities: books on CD to listen to on the ride, books to read, coloring books, a sketch pad, word search or activity books.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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