11 Totally Weird Places Where Women Have Given Birth

One of the Wacky Places Where Women Have Given Birth

I don’t know about you, but I had my baby in the comfort of a large hospital full of machines, heart monitors and a full surgical staff (all of which I ended up having to utilize). Some other women, they make the choice to give birth in the privacy of their own homes, making the experience very personal. But other women (and I’m talking about just women in our developed country of the United States of America), they birth their babies in pretty unusual places. They may not have planned to have their baby on that bus, but babies, they’re on their own schedules.

We’ve compiled eleven of the most unusual places where women have given birth. Which do you think is the craziest?

  • At Disneyland 1 of 11
    There is a good reason why Disneyland doesn't want pregnant women on some of their rides: they fear that they could give birth on one of the attractions. This is something that almost happened to Margarita Grandos back in 1984. The 9-month pregnant 20-year-old was forced to stay behind while her husband went on Space Mountain. While her hubby rode the coaster, Margarita went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl. Yeah, they both had their own thrill ride.

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  • On an Airplane 2 of 11
    There have been several cases of women giving birth on airplanes, but this one just happened in mid-January. A 23-year-old woman in China boarded a flight even though she was reaching the end of her pregnancy (women over 7-months pregnant are advised not to fly). She wore some heavy clothing so no one noticed how far along she was. 50 minutes into the flight she began to go into labor. Luckily the crew was trained in what to do and successfully delivered the baby. The flight landed seven minutes later. Other notable cases? The woman who gave birth from Manila to San Francisco and a woman who was traveling from the States to Paris.

    Photo Source: Morgue Files

  • At McDonald’s 3 of 11
    Would you like to "super size" that baby? A woman stopped by a Newark, NJ McDonald's to get a quick bite when she suddenly went into labor. A smart patron waved down a policeman who came to her aid. "I found the lady on the floor of the bathroom and did what I was taught to do in the police academy," the officer said. "I saw the baby's head and simply maneuvered the child's body to a position where the mother was able to easily deliver."

    Image source: Morgue Files

  • In an Elevator 4 of 11
    A woman was on her way to a Tacoma Hospital's delivery room when the elevator got stuck while in labor. She gave birth to a baby boy while she was trapped. Fortunatly, her midwife and a nurse were with her, but her husband was one floor above. He was able to climb down to meet his new son and cut the umbilical cord.

    Photo Source: Morgue Files

  • In the Library 5 of 11
    In Huntington Beach, a church pastor's wife had quite a Sunday surprise. She unexpectedly went into labor and gave birth at their local library where their Sunday service was happening. A friend said, "She didn't have the normal labor pains or anything. He came just like that."

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  • Airport Bathroom 6 of 11
    Another woman nearly gave birth on a plane but managed to hold on until she got off and instead had her baby in the airport bathroom. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in one of the many bathrooms at the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Now that is a special delivery.

    Image Source: Morgue Files

  • In the Subway 7 of 11
    There have been instances of women giving birth to their babies ON the Subway train. But one unlucky lady back in 2008 gave birth on the subway platform. She was trying — in vain — to get to the Bellevue Hospital but ended up giving birth at the East Broadway stop of all places. Luckily people came to her aid: a man lent her his briefcase as a pillow and others gave her clothing to lay on. A witness said, "It was amazing. You can't tell me New Yorkers don't care."

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  • At the Mall 8 of 11
    At the Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw Township, a woman went into labor outside of a Sears. She was all alone when a kind stranger came to her aid. They were able to procure blankets from a clothing store (for privacy for the mother and to wrap the baby) and a nail salon gave them rubber gloves for the delivery. The baby came quickly before the ambulance could make it to them, but everyone was a-okay.

    Photo Source: Morgue File

  • At a Walmart 9 of 11
    A woman — who didn't know she was pregnant — gave birth to a baby in the bathroom at her local Walmart. She freaked out and left the baby in the bathroom, abandoning the boy. Fortunately the baby survived. But the mother was charged with child abandonment. At a Florida City Walmart, a woman gave birth to a six-pound baby in the layaway department.

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  • Woman Gives Birth in Limo 10 of 11
    Now there are plenty of stories of women giving birth to babies in cars, trucks and taxis. But how about a limousine? A woman gave birth to her baby in her limo right after her wedding, with the groom and her bridesmaids assisting in the delivery. Instant family.

    Photo Source: Morgue Files

  • Strip Club Parking Lot 11 of 11
    No, no the woman giving birth was not one of the dancers. The North Texas woman and her husband were trying to drive to the hospital when the baby really wanted to come out. They pulled over — in the parking lot of a strip club of all places — and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The bouncers helped keep onlookers at bay. Good thing it wasn't a girl; she'd have to name her Candy or Destinee.

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