12 Compelling Reasons to Not Friend Your Babysitter on Facebook

*Ahem* You missed something there, darling.

As our lives online collide with real life, it gets harder and harder to maintain any kind of “professional” distance with anyone we’ve “friended” on Facebook. Remember the perils of friending co-workers, clients, and bosses and the horror stories you may have heard about people getting fired for scandalous photos or nasty status updates?

Well, that doesn’t just apply to the corporate drones, it applies to everyone.

So before you accept or send that well-intentioned friend request, be sure you consider what you might see and how it would affect your opinion and working relationship with your sitter.

All parents want the babysitter they trust their little ones with to have sound judgment, brains and personality in hopes that they will provide the kind of intellectual or creative stimulation for their kids that they themselves would. It’s only natural that we would want the sitter to be more interested in homework and baking cookies than going out and getting wrecked, right? Nobody expects their sitter to be a nun, of course, especially a college-aged babysitter or nanny, but no parent wants to know that their sitter got high as a kite the night after they watched their kids. Or that they dressed as a slutty nurse for Halloween. Or that they wear a thong under extremely short skirts.

I present twelve reasons to think twice before you click “accept” to your babysitter’s friend request. Culled from the depths of, which chronicles the worst and funniest Facebook offenses to be offered up by the “friends” of the offenders.

  • You just can’t un-see this kind of thing. 1 of 12
    You just can't un-see this kind of thing.
    Photographic evidence of public urination is just a general no-no, not babysitter specific. VERDICT: Fired for bad judgement.
  • Um, you or the baby? 2 of 12
    Um, you or the baby?
    My kids love their naked time, but I do not want to know that their caretaker also loves a good frolic. VERDICT: Not Fired, but will watch closely around my husband.
  • Security Breach 3 of 12
    Security Breach
    My neighborhood is small enough, I don't need a babysitter providing more gossip fodder via status updates. VERDICT: Fired, but done so with no explanation accompanied by furious blushing.
  • Seriously? 4 of 12
    VERDICT: Fired, VIA TEXT with a screen grab of her status update attached.
  • * blink blink * 5 of 12
    * blink blink *
    First: OMG, she leaves pot brownies lying around where a dog can eat them? Second: Her dog's life may be imperiled and she turns to *facebook* for help?? VERDICT: Fired for bad judgement. All around.
  • Oh no she didn’t! 6 of 12
    Oh no she didn't!
    VERDICT: Fired for stupidity.
  • Not in my house. 7 of 12
    Not in my house.
    As with the last slide, I read this and thought, "Do I want a person who thinks moose are fictional beasts of yesteryear spending quality time with my children?" VERDICT: Fired for not caring enough about nature.
  • Announcing or advertising? 8 of 12
    Announcing or advertising?
    If she is that proud of a teeny tattoo on her ass, then she clearly does not have a damn thing going on in her life. VERDICT: Fired for being boring.
  • Doh! *shaking head in disbelief* 9 of 12
    Doh! *shaking head in disbelief*
    VERDICT: Not fired, but will make sure to sneakily drop into a conversation that I want her to only wear pants when babysitting my kids.
  • For real? 10 of 12
    For real?
    This photo would make me so disappointed. I'd try to forgive her for the idiocy of this, but I doubt I could get over it. VERDICT: Fired for being completely clueless.
  • Please tell me that’s not MY baby. 11 of 12
    Please tell me that's not MY baby.
    Wrong on every level. VERDICT: Fired for complete lack of sound judgement.
  • Art and crafts, kids? 12 of 12
    Art and crafts, kids?
    While I admire her skill and creativity while carving pumpkins, I can't help but wonder how that will translate with the kiddies. VERDICT: Not fired, but I'll be watching.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if any of the women featured in the slideshow are actual babysitters, they are merely doing a poor job representing the age and gender of a “typical” babysitter.

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