12 Free Gifts Id Love For My Husband to Give Me

Sometimes the most coveted gifts can’t be bought, wrapped up in pretty paper or placed under a Christmas tree.  Sometimes the most valuable gifts don’t cost a thing and instead, all that they require is a little bit of time, love, and extra effort. This year my Christmas list is small. It isn’t filled with things the way my childhood lists were. There is no particular item I am hoping to unwrap this year. Instead, what I most look forward to, on what will be our Littlest Miss’ first Christmas, is looking around and seeing the faces of the people I love most. I simply want to enjoy my family. Even so there are a couple of things (say 12) that I will still gladly accept.

I’ve complied a list of a few gifts us mamas would love to have, all of them easily obtainable and might I add ”• free! And of course dear husband, if you’re reading you could always save the extra money that you would’ve spent for a future date night.

Here are 12 gifts that don’t have to be bought.

  • A Full Night’s Sleep 1 of 12
    A Full Night's Sleep
    As if the huge bags under my eyes weren't a giveaway or the fact that many of my blog posts mention sleep. Sleep is a hot commodity these days and I want some. At least 6 hours but heck, I'll settle for five. I'm easy and also ever so sleepy.
  • Back Massage 2 of 12
    Back Massage
    Carrying our cute chunky baby around and all those loads of laundry back and forth is making this back of mine ache. Not to mention that belly I carried around for almost 40 weeks. Although cute and round it was heavy and did a number on me. Who says back rubs have to stop post pregnancy?
  • Cook Dinner 3 of 12
    Cook Dinner
    I am fortunate as my husband and I take turns cooking dinner but on his night he cooks what he wants. But how about letting me make a couple special requests Mr. handsome? Also, I happen to like dessert after my dinner. Please. Preferably chocolate but again, I'm easy.
  • Do the Dishes 4 of 12
    Do the Dishes
    Again, a shared task at my house but I'd welcome an extra night off. Wash them by hand or load them in the dishwasher, either way is fine with me just as long as dish pan hands are not in my immediate future.
  • Go For a Walk With Me 5 of 12
    Go For a Walk With Me
    Hi! I'm the crazy lady who signed up for a 5k to get back into the whole exercise thing (yes it's only a 5k but when you're out of shape that can feel like quite a long ways!). I've got to tell you, I could use a little support and company because these days exercise has not been a priority. A gentle push can go a long ways.
  • Some Us Time 6 of 12
    Some Us Time
    With all of the events that take place during the month of December it's nice to have a night in. Let's put the littles to bed and watch a romantic movie together. We can cuddle and because I am so tired and probably won't make it through the entire movie I can fall asleep in your arms.
  • Some Family Time 7 of 12
    Some Family Time
    Whether it's sitting at the dinner table just a little bit longer or playing some board games nothing warms my heart more than spending time together as a family.
  • Some Alone Time 8 of 12
    Some Alone Time
    Yes, I wanted you to walk with me, cuddle, and then hang out with the children and me but now I'd like a minute. A minute to just be. These days I am spending a lot of time taking care of my favorite people but I'd love an hour or even two to unwind. When is the last time you've seen me reading a book or a magazine? Also I don't want to keep having to sneak sweets in the middle of the night so I don't have to share them.
  • Full Reign of the Remote Control 9 of 12
    Full Reign of the Remote Control
    I don't watch a lot of TV these days but when I am ready I'm going for the big TV and the remote. And when I pick up the remote and turn to Grey's Anatomy just sit with me. But don't talk because then I have to rewind the DVR so I don't miss anything.
  • Spider Duty 10 of 12
    Spider Duty
    You are the one who takes out the creepy crawlers that make their way into our home but, next time you hear us screaming could you come a little faster?! I know you want us to be brave but in the time it takes for us to contemplate taking Mr. Legs out ourselves, he has made his way to the highest corner of our ceiling where he will sit and watch and torment us.
  • Sing With Me 11 of 12
    Sing With Me
    We've done some pretty awesome duets to date. I can't understand why we don't have a record deal already. Let's give the Christmas carols a go because come December 26th they're gone. I'm corny. I know it but, you did say "I do."
  • Say Cheese 12 of 12
    Say Cheese
    You know I love taking pictures of you and the children, and if someone isn't looking I am going to want to take it again. And if it's too close I am going to want to take it again. And if you blink, or the Little Miss blinks, or the Littlest Miss blinks I am going to want to take it again. I am not looking for perfection just a nicely captured memory. So suck it up and just smile. The sooner we get our picture the sooner we can put the camera away. And when our babies are older you'll be glad I took 100,000 Instagram photos in addition to all those camera photos we've got sitting in pretty folders on the computer.


As silly and trivial as some of things sound they do make for a merrier Mrs. Of course, if I can only pick one I’d take the time with my Mr. and our littles. Because time is precious and fleeting and it’s something we can’t get back (although Instagram is helping us capture it to some degree pretty nicely).

What are some “priceless” gifts you are hoping for this season?


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