12 Reasons Married Nookie Rules

Marriage doesn’t have to mean the end of sex as we know it. If anything, married sex has its share of distinct sexy advantages.

While you may fondly remember the days of the hot hookup, there are plenty of reasons to believe married sex can be the best sex of your life.

Check out the top 12 reasons sex with your spouse is better – after the jump!

  • He’s more satisfied 1 of 12
    He's more satisfied
    Esquire's 2012 sex survey revealed that 66 percent of married men were satisfied with their sex lives as compared to 47 percent of their unmarried counterparts.
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  • Toys don’t scare him 2 of 12
    Toys don't scare him
    He knows all about your "bob" (battery operated boyfriend) and is neither threatened nor scared off. If anything, he's intrigued.
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  • Sweet love 3 of 12
    Sweet love
    True intimacy makes for memorable lovemaking.
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  • Real deal 4 of 12
    Real deal
    He's seen you at very best and very worst and loves you all the more for it. No need to pretend here! He loves the real you.
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  • All day foreplay 5 of 12
    All day foreplay
    The benefits of living and loving together create the perfect setting for foreplay anytime, anywhere.
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  • Fewer birth control concerns 6 of 12
    Fewer birth control concerns
    You've spent your entire sexual life trying not to get pregnant. Now that you're married to the man you love, birth control is less of a concern.
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  • Quickies 7 of 12
    A quick romp between the sheets can zap an argument, take your mind off a problem, boost your mood, and bring you closer together.
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  • No fear 8 of 12
    No fear
    Say goodbye to the fear of speaking up for what you want (or don't want) in the bedroom.
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  • Morning sex 9 of 12
    Morning sex
    The bright time is the right time! Enjoy the perks of waking up to the one you love each and every morning.
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  • No surprises here 10 of 12
    No surprises here
    Nothing weird or unusual to see here! You know exactly what you're getting.
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  • Later STD’s 11 of 12
    Later STD's
    You're both clean and monogamous so leave the worry behind and get busy!
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  • He knows your body 12 of 12
    He knows your body
    What works, what doesn't, what to try, what to never try again. There's a level of comfort and trust that comes from sexual familiarity.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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