12 Signs Your Husband is Cheating

There is perhaps no worse punch in the gut than discovering your husband is having an affair. You loved honestly, made vows you believed in, and while you always knew infidelity could happen, you never thought it would happen to you.

The signs of marital infidelity are rarely as obvious as lipstick on his collar. If you’ve ever had the nagging suspicion that your husband was being unfaithful, check out these following signs of marital infidelity from our expert friends at HuffPost Divorce. Hell yeah it’s better to know.

  • He’s way defensive 1 of 12
    He's way defensive
    All you asked was how his day was and suddenly he's making excuses for everything from why he's missing a button to the cause of global warming. Dude, defensive much? Total red flag.
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  • He dresses differently 2 of 12
    He dresses differently
    Maybe he wanted to update his look (bothered no man ever), or maybe he wanted to update his look for someone else. Relationship coach Wendy Kay suggests taking particular interest in any new activities or behaviors your husband is exhibiting.
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  • He has multiple email and social media accounts 3 of 12
    He has multiple email and social media accounts
    You can barely keep up with the email and social media accounts you've got, right? Marriage and Family Therapist Michael Howard suggests the need for additional or private email and social media accounts is highly suspicious. I'll say!
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  • He deletes his text history 4 of 12
    He deletes his text history
    No one goes through the trouble of deleting their text history unless they absolutely have to. If you find your husband erasing text messages regularly, or immediately after a text exchange, the experts spy a red flag.
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  • He’s just different 5 of 12
    He's just different
    You know this man perhaps better than you know yourself. If he's suddenly uninvolved, over involved, or acting freaking weird, psychologist Donn Peters suggests paying close attention and remaining curious.
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  • He wants more personal time 6 of 12
    He wants more personal time
    Your husband is a man who loves company. His sudden need for "me" time paired with less time spent together as a couple is worth investigating.
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  • He’s not there 7 of 12
    He's not there
    He's spending more and more time away from home. Is work really to blame? Or is someone at work really to blame?
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  • He’s secretive 8 of 12
    He's secretive
    His sudden indignant call for privacy in your relationship is suspicious, especially considering he's always been an open book.
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  • His attitude has changed 9 of 12
    His attitude has changed
    If he's extra lovey, extra angry, extra outgoing, extra happy or extra anything enough for you to notice without explanation, silent alarms are sounding.
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  • He’s no longer touchy feely 10 of 12
    He's no longer touchy feely
    Sure, there are natural reasons intimacy takes a plunge, but if you notice a shift in his affection toward you without explanation, it's time to dig a little deeper. Changes in bedroom behavior can mirror the health of relationships as a whole.
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  • He takes calls in private 11 of 12
    He takes calls in private
    If super secret phone calls are something new, the obvious question is why?
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  • He pulls away from family and friends 12 of 12
    He pulls away from family and friends
    If your husband's become famous for bowing out of obligations, arriving late, or leaving early, he may be spending his time with someone else.
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Listen, no one is telling you to ambush your husband with affair accusations in a fit of jealous rage. But if you hear that nagging quiet whisper of infidelity from somewhere deep inside, do your heart a favor and listen to it.

Tell us, what other signs should we be on the look out for?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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