12 Things to Do With Your Spouse Once the Kids are Asleep

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Once the children go to sleep there are probably plenty of things that still need to be done. In our house, we do a lot of preparation for the next day, finish cleaning up the kitchen, work on our own assignments — such as homework or writing — and watch our favorite shows on TV. Often these tasks result in us being in separate rooms or opposite ends of the house, focused on accomplishing them before heading to bed and hopefully getting a little sleep before our littlest wakes up. But every so often we make it a point to shut down the computer, leave the dishes in the dishwasher, and disconnect from whatever had our attention so that we can connect with each other.

This year I plan to make even more of an effort to take advantage of moments when it is just the two of us in order to strengthen our marriage. If you’re looking to do the same why not start tonight? Keep reading for 12 things to do with your spouse once the children are sleeping.

1. Watch Each Other’s Favorite TV Shows

You both had plans to catch up on your favorite television shows. Why not sit and watch them together? You may not be a fan of your husband’s favorite TV show but chances are you are a fan of him.

2. Share A Favorite Treat

Sometimes the sweetest moments (and treats) are the ones shared with the one you love.

3. Write Down And Share Goals

Give life to some of the goals you have for your relationship and your family by voicing them and writing them down. Then map out a plan so the two of you can start working toward them.

4. Start A Gratitude Jar

A friend of mine started one for her family. They plan to write down things they are grateful for throughout the year and place them in the jar. On New Year’s Eve they will open their jar and read all the things they were grateful for throughout the year. Consider writing down things that you are grateful for with regards to your marriage and designate a special night to open the jar and read them aloud to one another.

5. Exchange Love Letters

Write each other a love letter at some point during the day and exchange them at night before you go to bed (after you read them you may not want to go to sleep just yet!).

6. Cuddle

Sex doesn’t have to be your only way of building intimacy. Try cuddling, taking turns giving each other a massage or holding hands.

7. Dance

Play “your” song, the one that makes your heart smile every time you hear it. Maybe it’s your wedding song or a love song that puts your feelings for your spouse into words just perfectly. Whatever song it is, turn it up (but not too loud!) and dance.

8. Take Out Your Wedding Album

Take out your wedding album and revisit what was one of the most magical days in your life.

9. Play A Game

Break out the love dice or play a game of cards. Whatever you decide to play just be sure to have fun doing it!

10. Make Out

Remember those heavy kissing sessions you used to have when you were dating? Allow yourselves to remember how fun simply kissing can be.

11. Make Love

If you thought making out was fun now’s your chance to get past first base! Head for your bedroom and spend some time getting reacquainted with one another.

12. Sleep

You’re tired. There is nothing wrong with getting some sleep in when you can. Who knows, maybe you can squeeze in some time together before everyone wakes up in the morning.


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