14 Things You Could Buy If You Win the Mega Millions Jackpot

lottery jackpot
A trip to space, anyone?

Tonight’s the night. You bought your ticket. You’re filled with nerves waiting for the numbers to be called. You could win the Mega Millions, now the largest lottery jackpot in history at $540 million. Who cares if the odds of winning are 1 in 176 million? Today could be your day.

You’re probably thinking about how to spend your mega millions already. With a lump sum payout of $389 million, you won’t be limited in your options, so we thought we’d help out by giving you a list of things you might consider.

  • Get Your Own Mr. Carson 1 of 14
    Get Your Own Mr. Carson
    You can get a fully-trained English butler from the Guild of Professional English Butlers, just like the beloved Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey. He'll cost you between $100,000 and $200,000 per year.
    Photo credit: PBS
  • Man the Cannons! 2 of 14
    Man the Cannons!
    Nothing says rich like your very own Russian cannon. Luck would have it there's one available at Christie's auction house, estimated to go for between $30,000 and $60,000.
    Photo credit: Christie's
  • The Best Pet of All 3 of 14
    The Best Pet of All
    Forget fancy dog breeds. Take it up a notch and get yourself a rare white lion cub for $138,000. (We kid, PETA, we kid.)
    Photo credit: Wierdly Odd
  • Carry Your Millions in Style 4 of 14
    Carry Your Millions in Style
    Yes, you could get a diamond-covered handbag to carry all that money, but that's just not practical for everyday use. Try this one from Chanel, which just has diamonds on the clasp, for $261,000.
    Photo credit: Yahoo Shine
  • The Best in Wheels 5 of 14
    The Best in Wheels
    The most expensive car out there is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports, at a mere $2.4 million. It goes from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds.
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  • Top-Notch Peeps 6 of 14
    Top-Notch Peeps
    You'll look like a jerk driving around in your Bugatti if you don't have equally fancy sunglasses. Celebrity Net Worth says this pair, from Dolce & Gabbana, is the world's most expensive at more than $383,000.
    Photo credit: Celebrity Net Worth
  • Let the Chauffeur do the Work 7 of 14
    Let the Chauffeur do the Work
    On the other hand, why tire yourself out with all that driving? Get a Maybach-Landaulet for $1.4 million and have the chauffeur ferry you around.
    Photo credit: Forbes
  • Your Island Is Calling 8 of 14
    Your Island Is Calling
    Every mega millionaire needs an island. How can you not? There are many to choose from, but I'm thinking Ile de Caille near Grenada fits the bill. For $20 million, it comes with its own airstrip.
    Photo credit: Private Islands Online
  • Fancy Flip Flops 9 of 14
    Fancy Flip Flops
    You certainly can't walk around on your island in dollar store flip flops. So get yourself a pair like this, which were made by jeweler H. Stern and cost $17,000.
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  • Fly to the Final Frontier 10 of 14
    Fly to the Final Frontier
    You could travel around the world, but all the rich people are doing that. Instead, we say throw caution to the wind and go to space. One trip with Virgin Galactic will only set you back $200,000.
    Photo credit: Virgin Galactic
  • Immortalize Yourself 11 of 14
    Immortalize Yourself
    Arnold Schwarzenegger had a bronze statue made of himself, and so can you, for about $100,000.
    Photo credit: BBC
  • Wrap That Laptop 12 of 14
    Wrap That Laptop
    Get yourself the latest in laptops, and then wrap that baby in one of these sleeves from Coverbee. At $11 million, it's the world's most expensive laptop sleeve, made with 8800 diamonds and black sable.
    Photo credit: Coverbee
  • HIgh-Ticket Higher Education 13 of 14
    HIgh-Ticket Higher Education
    Only the finest in academia for your children. There are lots of places from which to choose, and now you can afford even the most expensive college in the US: Columbia University, with tuition of $45,290 per year.
    Photo credit: Huffington Post
  • Luxury Living in London 14 of 14
    Luxury Living in London
    You may want to keep an apartment in various cities around the world. In London, you can pick up a pad at One Hyde Park, home to some of the world's richest people. According to WorldCrunch, "Only the most precious materials were used in the construction, such as 15 types of marble, as well as wood from an entire oak forest. In the underground garage, the parking spaces are twice as big as normal ones adjusted to accommodate the Ferraris, Hummers and Bentleys." Perfect for your Bugatti.
    Photo credit: WorldCrunch

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