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12 Tips and Tricks for Using Google Search

Have you ever wanted to find something very specific on Google and yet the thousands and thousands of page search results returned nothing? By including certain search terms in your Google search, there are features that can help you dig further into the Google brain to pull out what you are specifically looking for.

These tips are super helpful tips for your in-depth and daily searches.

12 Tips and Tricks for Using Google Search:

  • Better your searches 1 of 13
    Better your searches
    Get the search results that you are looking for with these 12 simple tips for Googling.
  • Quotation Marks 2 of 13
    Quotation Marks
    Place the exact phrase you are looking for in quotation marks, not each of the words separately.
  • site: 3 of 13
    Only search the pages within a site.
  • Exclude 4 of 13
    Exclude a search term
  • Search Exactly 5 of 13
    Search Exactly
    Using a tilde works the same as using a quote and will allow you to search exactly for the term you are looking for.
  • Time Frame 6 of 13
    Time Frame
    Search all results from within a designated time range.
  • Search a Specific File Type 7 of 13
    Search a Specific File Type
    Looking for a tax document that's a PDF, this is the search function you would use. This is also helpful when finding certain file types.
  • intitle 8 of 13
    Search for a phrase that is specifically in a title.
  • Common Terms 9 of 13
    Common Terms
    Find common terms by placing a asterisk mark in front of a word.
  • Author 10 of 13
    Looking for a post by a certain author, use this search function.
  • Definition 11 of 13
    Let Google be your dictionary, just use define: than the work you are looking for.
  • Calculator 12 of 13
    No need to open up the calculator app, just use the + - * / function in Google search for your answer.
  • Conversion 13 of 13
    Google does easy conversions!

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