12 Totally Creepy Leprechauns to Avoid This St. Patrick’s Day

My 7-year-old daughter is totally obsessed with leprechauns. Leading up to St. Patrick’s Day she has been drawing them, writing them notes, searching for them, and she even created a very complex leprechaun trap that involved a box, tape, glue and lots and lots of glitter (according to her, leprechauns can’t resist glitter). Now this all sounds just adorable, except for one fact; leprechauns totally freak me out. I don’t know if it’s their greed for gold, their slightly sinister stare or that they tend to cause mischief where ever they go, but I think it’s a combination of all three. Oh, and these 12 creepy incarnations of leprechauns, yeah, that would creep anyone out. Check them out here:

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  • Leprechaun The Movie 2 of 13
    Leprechaun The Movie
    The 1993 film Leprechaun takes on the creepiness of the leprechaun lore and ups the ante to total horror. IMDB describes the film as, "An evil, sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing rampage in search of his beloved pot of gold." Yeah, I won't be seeing that any time soon.
    Photo Source: via MovieFone
  • Leprechaun Mask 3 of 13
    Leprechaun Mask
    Wanna freak someone out? Just wear this mask. It's ALL colors of creepy.
    Photo Source: Ebay/creepymasks Buy here for $45
  • Creepy Costume 4 of 13
    Creepy Costume
    This costume is far more suited for Halloween than St. Patrick's Day. If anyone did wear this on March 17th, well I'd be running the other way.
    Photo Source: CostumeCraze
  • Walking Dead Leprechaun 5 of 13
    Walking Dead Leprechaun
    If this leprechaun doesn't give you the creeps, than I don't know what will.
    Photo Source: Etsy/cre8orstouch Buy here for $45
  • Leprechaun or Peter Pan 6 of 13
    Leprechaun or Peter Pan
    This leprechaun seems to have a bit of the Peter Pan spirit in him, you can tell he is a trickster.
    Photo Source: Etsy/footstepsinthewind Buy here for $295
  • Steampunk Leprechaun 7 of 13
    Steampunk Leprechaun
    This leprechaun is so swank, so steampunk, so hip, that it looks like he'll steal the gold right from under you.
    Photo Source: Etsy/EmbroideryEverywhere Buy here for $13.99
  • Little Leprechauns 8 of 13
    Little Leprechauns
    Although these little leprechauns are pretty cute (and they're only about four inches tall), they look like they could steal your soul.
    Photo Source: Etsy/CindiBee Buy here for $20.
  • Leprechaun and Wolf Pal 9 of 13
    Leprechaun and Wolf Pal
    This leprechaun doesn't come alone, he has a wolf pal! Double the danger.
    Photo Source: Etsy/GOBLINSandFAIRYS Buy here for $93
  • Lucky? 10 of 13
    This is called a "Lucky Leprechaun," but if I saw him hiding somewhere in my house, I think I would scream.
    Photo Source: Etsy/CindiBee Buy here for $26
  • Vintage Leprechaun 11 of 13
    Vintage Leprechaun
    This vintage leprechaun may have kind eyes, but you know he just wants your pot of gold.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Barbara Lucas Buy here for $21
  • Cute or Creepy? 12 of 13
    Cute or Creepy?
    I have to say, of all the leprechauns, this is the cutest. But it is still a "zombie Leprechaun."
    Photo Source: Etsy/HenryStMartin Buy here for $12 costume
  • Smiling Leprechaun 13 of 13
    Smiling Leprechaun
    Let's say you're walking down a little road and you meet this leprechaun. Would you run? I would.
    Photo Source: Etsy/claycreationsbylisa Buy here for $40

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