Boo! 12 Wonderful Ways to Get into the Halloween Spirit!

Halloween Spirit

Last year, I was not filled with the Halloween spirit. I was busy, I was tired, I was preoccupied and I didn’t embrace what used to be one of my favorite times of year. But this year, I’m not going to make that mistake again. I am going to get my Halloween on from baking devil’s food cake cupcakes, to making my daughter’s costume to decking our home all out with spooky and sinister decorations. Yes, I am getting in touch with my inner ghoul and you know, it’s been great. But the best thing? My daughter is so loving that fact that mommy is all into Halloween this year, and actually, she seems a bit surprised that I’m embracing it even more than she is. Although she does seem a bit worried that may take it too far and  put on a costume and try to go trick or treating too. But I will draw the line at that.

And since I’m so filled with the Halloween spirit, I feel like it is my duty to share my enthusiasm with the rest of the world. So here, if you yourself need a wee bit of Halloween inspiration, are twelve ways to get ready for the big day and how you can get inspired to make the most of the holiday.

  • Halloween Crafts 1 of 12
    Seriously, nothing gets one more in the holiday spirit than a craft and there is something super cool about a Halloween craft. It's a great way to embrace your inner ghoul with garlands, a bit of garishness and some goofy fun. You can check a variety of cool easy Halloween crafts like these Bat O'Laterns right here.
  • Get Baking! 2 of 12
    Although I could not create a cake masterpiece like this one above, I can still do some spooky baking in some form like spider shaped cake or some ghost-decorated cupcakes. And baking is a delicious way to get into the spirit of things. You can check out more "Spectacular Spooky Cakes" right here.
  • Decorate! 3 of 12
    One of the best ways of getting into the swing of things is by decorating your home with hints of Halloween. Think cobwebs, a skull or two or perhaps a graveyard scene in your front yard. Showing the world you're embracing the big day inspires others. And to get inspired yourself, check out these 13 Festive Halloween Porches right here.
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch 4 of 12
    I love, love, love a pumpkin patch. We are lucky to live in an area ripe with old-school pumpkin patches that go all out for Halloween with corn mazes, hay rides, haunted houses and, yes, pumpkins.
  • Carve a Pumpkin 5 of 12
    And after you've gone to the pumpkin patch and selected your pumpkins (in our case we brought home about six), then it's time to carve them. If you want to get fancy, beyond the standard triangle eyes and toothy grin, check out these 14 pumpkin patterns right here.
  • Plan a Halloween Party 6 of 12
    Once you've decorated your house, made some crafts, baked something and carved those pumpkins, then it's time to throw a party to share your love of Halloween. For some party inspiration click here.
  • Go Somewhere Spooky 7 of 12
    If you don't feel like having your home taken over by Halloween, you can go somewhere else to get your ghoul on. An easy, albeit a little spooky, excursion is to go to your local graveyard and do gravestone rubbing (where you take thin paper, and rub with a black crayon to copy the carving and impressions of the gravestone). Or go visit a local haunted haunt like Northern California's Winchester Mystery House. One of my personal favorite things to do is to go to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland; it's good fun for the whole family.
  • Go See a Spooky Movie 8 of 12
    Watching a movie will totally set the mood for the season. There are all sorts of spooky, family-friendly, fun flicks that you watch with the kids that you can rent on Netflix or watch on TV. But also there are some fabulous films in the theater right now, like Tim Burton's Frankenweenie to totally set the Halloween tone. For more suggestions on spooky family films check out this great list on Babble Kids.
  • Legos 9 of 12
    We all love Legos. A really fun way to get into the Halloween mood is spending time with the kids creating a Lego masterpiece. We're currently building the Vampyre Castle above and I have to say, it's totally setting the stage for Halloween. It's part of the Monster Fighters series and all the sets from the collection are perfect for the season. This one even comes with mini Vampyre and Vampyre bride. And when you are done, not only is a hoot to play with but it can double as a fabulous centerpiece for your table. Check out the Vampye Castle in all it's awesomeness right here.
  • Read 10 of 12
    One of our family's favorite Halloween books is Oh No Not Ghosts! by Richard Michelson. It's fun, funny and has amazing illustrations by Adam McCauley. There are all sorts of entertaining reads for the season for all ages of kids. Check out this great list of 10 Spooky Halloween Reads to Share.
  • Make A Costume 11 of 12
    Sure, you can go to your local Halloween superstore and pick up a costume for the kids, or you could get all old-school and make one yourself. Currently I am making my daughter a Weird Girl costume (a character from Frankenweenie) which is taking longer than it should. But it is getting me into the Halloween spirit, that's for sure! Check out some super fun (and easy) costumes you can make for your kids here.
  • Look at Old Photos 12 of 12
    Halloween is all about the spooky. Check out these vintage Halloween photos and you really will be inspired by images of Halloweens past. Yes, you are welcome.

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